Saturday, June 12, 2010

Take a break from being an "A-hole"

Well been going around visiting with my friend. He has to do a lot of running around for his boy. Holy smokes his boy is a krabby patty. My friend came in from the Reserve to help him out. He couldn't get the things done that one day, so he went back to the Reserve and came back a day later. The first time he needed to come in I drove to the Reserve in the morning and drove him back in the afternoon. The next time he came in he still couldn't finish his running around for his boy, so Him and his wife stayed over at the house. It was a real good visit. Those people are fun and funny to visit with. So the Thursday was filled with running around. My friend finally was able to get all the running around done for his boy.

My friend's boy was really crabby. Some people are just like that. Don't know if it means anything. If you are inconsiderate does it make you a bad person or just a jerk? Who knows? We all have bad days, but for this guy it was more than a few bad days. I understand that his predicatment was not his fault but he should have been a little happier that his dad was doing a lot for him.

I know it is the job of the Dad to look after your boy and I was glad to help my friend with his running around. We need more Indian guys to be good dads.
I think his son is actually an okay guy. He is one of those guys that has a lot of hard things to go through in his life. He has been through a lot of adversity. I guess he tries to guard himself by the tough guy routine.

I have seen lot of kids back home giving their dads the routine. Heck I was like that to my dad as a young guy. I regret that very much.
We need to keep battling to be kind to people. For some people being kind or being nice is just who they are. My friend is that type of guy. Oh of course like anyone he can be angry, be crabby, be unfriendly, but it's his true nature to be just a good person. He has made lots of poor choices in life. I guess we all have. We have to start making choices that don't end up hurting us.

As Dad's we need to take a break from being the "Ass-hole". I know that's one of the biggest things I want to quit as being a dad. The constant nagging, the lectures, the questions, the looks I give the kids. Now that is the a-hole routine.

Maybe I think of someone as a crab, I should look at myself first.


  1. Unfortunately, until my daughter is older I will have to continue to be the ogre. Too many kids her age(3) are so poorly behaved, and we always get compliments and so does she for how well she behaves. Of course, she has her moments, strange bouts of drama with no reason, you know, typical girl stuff! :) Also trying to teach her things that will protect her in the future. It is a fine line Papi's walk, trying to be the "John Walton" type of Dad.

  2. Yeah, I guess as kids we never realize that our parents are just trying to do what is right by our kids. I was talking to the wife today about the kids and our saying is "it could be worse" and it is true. Our kids are doing fine and that should be the main thing.
    But it is my nature, my role to be the nag. :D