Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indian Nationalist.

You know why government is really afraid of Indian Spirituality?  It has to do with Nationalism. Being an Indian nationalist. Some come to believe that is the road to fundamentalism. Can you see it?
Canada becoming a place like Spain, Ireland or any other place that might come to mind?
The country currently benefits from a scattered and broken down segment of the Native community. There is not enough energy or "reason" for the Indian population to get really, really organized.
That day will come for sure. It will come from the Indigenization movement of all those educated "born-again" Indians. The youth that will discover the so called "Red Road". They will find their identity.
With that identity comes their Teachings. The Teaching are all about respect, truth, honesty, courage, love, honesty, humility, and that sort of thinking and living. It is all about Mino pimatiziwin, living good or living well. Not in a materialistic manner, but trying to be the best human being that you can be and all that comes with it.  But with a re-newed sense of Identity comes naivety, pride, and interpretation. Interpretation of what it means to be an Indian. That is where the new Indian will get their idea of being Nationalists.

Being able to call yourself an Ojibway Nationalist or a Cree Nationalist, or a Blood Nationalist is a scary notion for the powers to be. It is the disarray of Indian communities that always bureaucrats and governments to exert their will over the Indians. There is no real opposition to their rule. When Indians become nationalist that is when you will see a real move towards sovereignty. Right now all the talk of Indian sovereignty is just empty. All of our actions are currently governed by Canada, the provinces, the cities and the other smaller jurisdictions.

That is the big reason that Indians are being watched by Canada's spy agency.  They know that the Traditionalist are the people with power. It is not in the Chiefs or with the Christian sector of Indians. They are part of the colonialists tools, so they won't rise up. It will be the Traditionalist people of Indian country/as some people say - Turtle Island. The police are watching those Sundancers, those Potlatch people, the Long House people, the Clans.  That is the way the police think. 

It will be interesting times when Indian Awareness kicks in. 


  1. this post is full of anger.... indigenous people will never commence as one. Till that one day that happens indigenous all over the states and CA have to look in the mirror and adjust who they are on their own terms. Will this a be a movement with soladarity or just talk, cause that is what this post is it will attract the type that is fueled by anger and hate. No real indian will find himself in something like that or a cause filled with emptiness... as you say or feel is what is needed for the people to unite in a sense to bring back what exists already in a sense it is up to us to help ourselves!!!!!

    It is in our own hands to make that happen if you dont have the power to change your own fate then you will always point blame. IF one indian chooses to live free of all that he cant control and doesn't allow media and mainstream affect him then there shouldn't be a problem. The choice is yours.

    We as indigenous have to change our view of being(negativity, hate,) to understand what it means to be native in 21st century and i don't mean it has anything to do with white culture or excess does that mean we lose who we are no i think you have to understand the level of spirituality we have as people in your case is it lacking?

    You say it has to be a national movement but this dreams will inflict more pain to people that in a sense are continuing to adapt daily to society and have no real direction or structure. IF you look within yourself and focus on your own then you would realize the life you live is really not so bad after all and that being native NOW is truly a beautiful thing.
    Sure life gives us all a path but it is upon ourselves to determine how it is shaped.

  2. No pointed blame, just stating the obvious. Indian Doctrine is the way out of the sorrow state of affairs for Native people. That may not be the ideal for main stream government, but that is the way it is.

  3. A lot of times, we Native Peoples are our own worst enemies. We infight too much, and there is too much nepotism due to false loyalties and family ties. White man forced us to become cohesive nations as Comanches or Cherokees, etc. when in the past we were loose confederacies and independent, autonomous villages at best. Then, land ownership was forced on individuals, instead of each clan being one with the land they lived on. To top it all of, here in the US land ownership is so franctionated that you can't do anything with it, it's useless and you own maybe 1/2 acre in name only. We have allowed ourselves to be kept in a 'ward of the government' state. It is time to educate our Peoples to be self-sufficient and stand up for ourselves, we are not state wards or orphans who depend on the Great White Father for handouts any longer!

  4. The Red Road is good, realizing that we are all connected. The Circle, prayer, sage, cedar, pipe, sweat lodge, drum, dances, songs. It's all about sharing, compassion, loving kindness, gratitude. Therefore, none of these traditions should be perverted, bought, or sold for personal gain. Wado utsati.... dohiyi...

  5. To Keenan:You say this post will attract these fueled by anger and hate...Well,I'm one of many fueled by injustice and pain for generations,and this post seems right for me.Steve,we seem to speak this universal Indian language called"Fought many wars"...I hear You Keenan, on "indigenous people will never commence as one".Warriors will.I had honour to be brought up by these who fought first and ate last because "there's no power or privilege,there's only responsibility".My family was obliged to live far from our place so they could "live free from all one can't control"yet 12 people died fighting in"not our war" against Nazi...because it was the right thing to do.If I inherited a royal title and a castle instead of poverty and pain I couldn't cherish my heritage and their sacred memory more than I do.Today if Mohawks are being "relocated",Navajo poisoned,Rosebud rez is freezing=it's my business and it's here on my path.Sequichie,the "Red Road" is about love in time of peace.It's about a struggle during the war=would You agree?