Monday, June 6, 2011

Lots of Prayers at the Sundance

Kete'Anishinaabe      (The Old Ones)

 Such a beautiful sight. A Lodge filled with offerings to the Kimaamokimishomisinan, Creator, to God. Prayers for loved ones, for family, for community, for the sick, the loved ones gone, for the people. Can your hear the Whistles blowing. The beautiful sound of the Whistles from the Dancers. The Colours of your family, your clans, your names, your offerings.

 The Nest sits high on the Lodge.

The Colours, the Cloth, the Prayers of the Dancers, wrapped on the Tree. 

 People offered their lives here and sacrificed their flesh here for the sick, and for the families.

The Stalls of Dancers are now empty, but the Prayers are remembered. The Stalls have been broken at Dawn for the new beginning.
Colours of Prayers.

I Never took pictures of People Dancing. That is something I know not to do. However, this Elder and friend of mine did say "our Ceremonies are strong" and "not disappearing, we have no fear of people stealing them".   So Don't be afraid if someone takes a picture.

These Lodges are in our Reserve. The People come from all over to Dance.

There a number of Lodges going on right now and will be going on in Indian Country for some time. David and Sherryl will have their Lodge next weekend.

Now you have Four Songs.

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  1. This is so beautiful Steve ! I have never been or seen the sundance although know many who do . I really like you sharing these traditions Thanks so much .