Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet a beautiful Burmese woman: Naw Kay Seng

Kay standing by her weave
I met a real beautiful lady today. Her name is Naw Kay Seng (call her Kay)and she is originally from Burma. She has been in Canada (Winnipeg) for Five years now. Before that she was a refugee in Thailand. To survive she has been making Karen ("Karen or Kayin people Karen: Pwa Ka Nyaw Poe or Kanyaw in Sgaw Karen and Ploan in Poe Karen; Burmese") Handwoven sling-bags, scarves and Nea (skirts). She lived in Thailand for eleven years. There she and other Karen refugee people continued the Traditional art of spinning cotton and weaving into clothes. She showed me a picture of her and other people weaving in Thailand. The lady in the picture with her, had died in Thailand. The woman told her not to forget her.

I was glad to have met her and promised to have tea with her in the future.
Her name is Naw Kay Seng and you can contact her at 204-783-1195 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her wares are inexpensively priced. I bought sling bags for forty bucks. The items make great Give-away gifts, and Christmas, Hanukkah are coming up, so might want to have them for those occasions.

Kay just made this table clothe

Some more product

Sling Bags

Her literature
The people just work hard and take pride in their accomplishments. Kay is one of those people. Traditional skills being maintained in a new country.She is a gifted artist. I was very glad that she called me to go visit her at her home. She got my number from this fellow I met at a dinner. Sue's friend does a lot of volunteer work in the new immigrant community. It was his dinner event where we met some Burmese people. I showed interest in the sling bag this young man was wearing. He invited us to his sister's wedding. We didn't make it but he gave my number to his friend. That is how I met the lady, she called me.
To Appreciate the art and her skill your really have to see the sling bags and scarves.
Sling Bags and scarf.

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