Monday, May 21, 2012

Bruce Willis: not an English Bulldog: not my dream dog.

Well looks like I did not get my dream dog after all. My dream dog was to be an English Bulldog. You know the kind? The one in the Sherlock Holmes movies. The nice big headed, slobbering flat face with short bow legs and a big chest. Nope Bruce Willis is not that kind of Bulldog (Gladstone the Bulldog). It's strange too as when I went to the Breeder I talked about what I was looking for and was talking about the breeds, like the Valley Bulldog, the Max Bulldog, that were not my choice of Bulldog. I did not get to see the parents of Bruce Willis but I did see a picture of the father and he does look like a big headed, slobbering flat face with shore legs and big body type of do I was after. It's sad too as I went against Suz's wishes of not getting a dog. I did not quibble over the price, just gave out what was advertised on the internet. It is sad because I suspect that Bruce Willis will be my last dog. You know you have a dog for about 10 years and I know after that I would not be getting one. So I had a vision of what me and Bruce Willis would be like. The pal, my constant companion. Along with his big fat head and all the glory of being an English Bulldog.
My problem is that there is nothing wrong with Bruce Willis. Don't get me wrong, he is a very nice dog. And to make things worse, my girl Chloe is crazy over him, and Bruce Willis is Her Dog. Suz has become very fond of Bruce Willis and he is now a member of the family.
We had a big argument over Bruce Willis the other night. Suz said she was tired of me always saying Bruce Willis is not what I wanted. She said he is fine and does not want to hear it anymore. Problem is I can't stop thinking. Thinking all the time about Bruce Willis and what he is not. It is not what I visioned. Now I fear I am getting resentful. Resentful towards the woman who sold Bruce Willis as a Bulldog. Turns out Bruce Willis is an "Olde English Bulldog" and not at all what I wanted. Even though we had a nice conversation of what I was looking for.I know I have problems about over thinking. I obsess over things. That is bad. I get physically sick over things. Things that should not be a worry. It stays in my head and I can't let it go. Last night I stood inside my shed for the longest time, thinking, just thinking. All about my dream dog. Stupid I know. Oh well what can you do?

This what Bruce Willis looks like. He's handsome, I know, but he is not what I visioned.

 Does he look like an English Bulldog?

I have talked to the woman who sold the dog and she is very nice but still it doesn't change the fact that Bruce Willis is not my vision. We have been vigilant with taking him to the vet and making sure he gets quality food as well. We play with him. He goes everywhere with me in the car. He is good with the Grandkids. Although he did start off biting them and jumping on them, but he is kind of over that now.

I know I should just get over it and get the idea of Bulldog out of my head. And he is a good dog. Fun, strong and starting to behave a little bit. He has the odd accident but he is pretty good and making sure to do his duty outside. He looks like a small boxer. He is
not big chested or have the head of a Bulldog. I am not
sure what he is. In any case I am going to get over my
Obsession with an English Bulldog. I know Bruce Willis should have healthier life than the English, and so I am good with that. So Bruce Willis is here to stay.
But I would be weary of what is out there, even nice people can steer you wrong.
Bruce Willis will be my side for the next long while. And who knows, maybe I will get over it and accept Bruce Willis for what he is, what ever that is?

You know what ticks me off is that we weren't going to get another dog. Rufus was our oldest pet and he died 7 years ago. Just a few months after my boy died. Rufus was a miniature Schnauzer. He had been 13 years old. He was smart and had a big personality. So my wife did not want to replace him and that was the thing, no dog. But I got Bruce Willis and was being selfish. And that's what I get for it. Teach me a lesson, not to be selfish. I guess I should have learned not to be selfish long ago.

Well that's my little confession for today. I know its not an Ojibway Confession but hey its what I think.

Rufus looked this dog here (it is what my wife visioned a Schnauzer looked like, and what we got).


  1. Bruce Willis is handsome guy. I got another dog - a golden lab a year after our other dog, a Coton deTeluer died of blastos. Thanks for sharing

  2. …Maybe Chloe needed this particular pooch, something he brought into her life. I’m smiling because you are a perfectionist,Sir !Not a dog but t h e dog,not to mention that You kick arse during the gatherings keeping watchful eye on plastic cups and restricting disrespectful dudes from pissing on their own sacred tradition…The path of a perfectionist is a tough one: getting sick over small things, preparing stuff in advance, living all senses put 100%.Perfectionists can be pain in the backside(here speaking a major pain in the arse)but have one privilege: the most loving and the most loved spouses. Must be a compensation for the most fucked up enemies…I bet Ya ,the Creator will find the way to give You t h e dog. BTW-I found an alibi –here’s to folks who can’t understand why I won’t see “the grey zone” in “white and black”: Hello, everytime I look in the mirror, I see RED!