Thursday, July 26, 2012

Honesty. Is the Teaching reachable?

Right of the bat, I can honestly tell you that I am not an honest person. Have never been and will mostly likely never achieve it, being Honest that is. I believe that there are honest people in the world. I know there is. But and that's a big but, but how honest can a person really be?

If I was truly honest I would have killed some people long time ago (or at least knee-capped them :0). Seriously though, how many of us hold our tongues, when we should be whipping it all over the place (not like that you dirty minded buggers). You know telling people where to go when they need to be told. Some times you should be honest and tell people that they are arseholes, even if it means hurting their feelings.
I am not sure but I think there is even different types of honesty. Or maybe honesty scales. Like you're not doing to badly if you get up in the seven out of ten range in honest choices, you think?
I think there may be too much honesty at times. Like how you feel about a person's background; race, education, ethnicity, religion, and so on.

Honesty is a hard thing. But it is worth the effort to try and reach it.


  1. You are right. There seems to be quite a few kinds of honesty. The price of honesty can be danger for your loved ones, death, prison, exile…You name it. Then there is honesty linked to the freedom of speech or maybe rather lack of it. From what I’ve seen political correctness is ravaging all continents: it’s allowed to shit on some religions, races, convictions and life styles why it’s forbidden to utter one negative word about the “protected” ones-no matter how insane. Here’s an example of results of the “muzzle” coming from GB:
    “Nine Muslim men were found guilty of raping dozens of British children. The three month trial revealed that police and social workers had repeatedly refused to investigate; they were afraid of being called racist.
    A three-month trial that recently ended in Liverpool, where nine Muslim men were found guilty of raping dozens of British children, revealed that police and social workers in northern England repeatedly refuse to investigate Muslim paedophile gangs: they said they are afraid of being called racist.
    The disturbing details that emerged during the trial have opened yet another chapter in a long-running debate about multiculturalism in Britain, where many say that political correctness has gone too far.”
    How sick is this? And do people feel free to be honest? The price of honesty keeps growing…If we are talking about a more private kind of honesty(knee capping or a tour of Snake Valley springs to mind)I believe that majority of people dream about kicking arse of a bully who caused grief in their life. Only hypocrites will boast about an “automatic forgiveness” but their minds are more twisted than mind of a pissed off guy who’d like to drop his boss somewhere in Alaska. As much as I would never fight against a weaker one, I’ve learned to use whatever works while fighting arseholes.Even if they come in variety of “shapes», their common characteristic is not giving a damn for other people’s feelings. These kind of enemy who’d like to see you low, suffering or dead can actually stimulate us to be in a better condition, to stand up, to fight…So a very Apache: “thank you arseholes,you actually make me a better fighter”… I believe that even if we can’t be totally honest at times, what counts is if our spirit is true, if our mind is pure. Even if at times honesty isn’t pretty.
    Thank You for this topic, as usual a very important one.

  2. Man you always teach me something. I love your words. Make me think about how things are. I would love to read your blog some day. Later