Thursday, August 16, 2012

From the mouths of Babes... & Buffoons.

My wife and I were trying to remember when our girl "got it". The moment when she saw what race is, what people can be like. I don't remember what brought it on, but I do remember her saying "people are mean to brown people". She was about five years old. Wish I could remember the incident. What does matter is that when things happen, children kind of lose that innocence. When all are friends.  I guess this topic is in my mind because of the political climate out there. I really get physically sick and worry constantly about what is happening in the world, and the Indian community. I worry about my girl and my grandkids, and my friends and our people. It is scary. The world does seem to be mean to the Brown People, the Black People and the Poor People. In Canada we have a Prime Minister that is mean and wants to control everyone and everything. It seems he does not like poor people, brown people and black people. He has passed laws that will hurt the Brown, Black, and the Poor. Stephen Harper is mean.

The United States is gearing up for the Presidential election and the blanket of  hatred is being spread all over. We see it from an outside view here in Canada. However, it is something that we worry about. We see the type of people running. The two party system: one of hate, the other of compromise. Hate seems to be stronger of the two and that is sad. Compromise should be strong and good but it is not. Sometimes compromise can't win. So the compromise party should take lessons from the hate party and just go ahead and make changes, rather than expect reason and sanity from the party of hate.

The U.S. Vice-President Biden, a Democrat said that the Republicans would like to see people (Black People) back in chains (slavery). Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Ryan, and Republican leaders are calling the President a thief, he should be "patted on the head" and told to "go work for somebody".
Here all we see is hate coming out of the election. I feel bad for all the Poor, the Brown and the Black people down there. It seems that hate is the fuel that gets people involved over there.

In Canada with our own haters and meanies, it is sad for the PBB (poor brown and black). Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper has an loaded gun and he is using it. He has attacked Labour in Canada. He is exploiting the new Immigrant, making the Old work harder and is punishing the unemployed. Yeah, "people are mean to brown people". He even went as far as attacking those behind the poor, charities. He has set his sights on the educated as well. The Scientific community is being shot all to hell from the Prime Minister. Guess he does not want the environmental scientists to slow the well oiled machinery of the Resource Sector. I guess Harper is not only being mean to the PBB, but he is shooting anyone that he does not like. That is scary because he is attacking people that normally have a voice. People that are educated, and vote. Can you imagine if he has no fear about being mean to these people, how bad he is to the PBB?

The Aboriginal people are pretty close to the bottom of the PBB, meaning they are the floor mat of the government. Prime Minister Harper is wiping his feet on the Indian. We are seeing that action as we speak. Never mind that there is a Constitution that recognizes Aboriginal Rights. Never mind that there are Treaties with obligations that need to be met. Never mind that Aboriginal people are the most marginalized of any Nation in Canada. Harper is just that guy; no concept of respect.

There are so many buffoonery comments out there by both Canadian and U.S. leaders that I just can't list them. So I will leave you with one from a guy in our community. He looks like a buffoon and sounds like a buffoon, but after his keen observation and succinct description, I am not sure he can be seen as a buffoon. You see he was standing outside the community store when he saw this local female resident walking out of the store. This woman is a relative of mine. She dresses extremely well, is very opinionated, thinks very well of her self and is "loud round and brown". The local buffoon looked at her as she walked to her expensive car and said "boy, she must have a big shitter". 

From the mouth of ... 


  1. A narcissistic mother will pick one child to be « the golden one »and another to be a « scapegoat ».The scapegoat is guilty by birth, no matter what he/she does it’ll never be enough to “earn” love. The mother will encourage bad behaviour to prove to the world how “bad by nature” is the child. If he/she dares to speak, she will roll her eyes or exchange ironic remarks with the golden child. She will do everything in her power to isolate the “scape-goat”, to “label” it publicly, to stop developement of the child and subsequently –to destroy it. Narcissistic mother will play her kids, pits them one against another so she can control the sick “dynamics”. The golden child will always win, the scapegoat will be pushed away, harmed and disinherited because it’s “natural” that everything goes to the “golden child”.
    I accompany people who were wounded in combat of all kinds and surviving the narcissists is one of these battles. A survivor told me recently: “I feel I can relate to natives and I ‘m learning more about your culture”. I was a bit worried that he turns into a “twinkie” just to please me, but then he said “…because governments treat you as a narcissistic mother treats the scapegoat”.

  2. A cool and interesting post. I like that.