Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thunderbird House Winnipeg Manitoba Needs some Champions.

Thunderbird House is a multi-use facility located in the City of Winnipeg’s Point Douglas District. It has over 8,000 square feet of conference room space. There is access to a Ceremony grounds for Sweat Lodge Teachings. Thunderbird House is a high valued resource for the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal population. Servicing the community for Spiritual guidance and support, Thunderbird House is exemplary.  Financial stability has eluded Thunderbird House. As a non-government funded not for profit charitable organization of Religious entity status, it would seem that financial support would be forthcoming by the public. Thunderbird House has not had success in attracting financial aid. It may due to many factors, one being that marketability has been lacking. Thunderbird House is searching for ways to overcome their financial weakness.
The one common thread that all Creatures have is their sense of Identity. Identity is extremely important as to who we are and how we function. We also know that we do not live in isolation. Thunderbird House has an identity that is based on inclusion, pride, humility, history and opportunity. Thunderbird House and the greater population are about to embark on a journey of inclusion and opportunity.
Thunderbird House is more than an iconic landmark facility in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is more than a symbol of Aboriginal heritage and enduring Spirit. It is a home; a home that includes everyone. Just like the four directions of the Earth, and the four entrance ways at Thunderbird House, there are more ways to enter into the lives of others. Thunderbird House is seeking others to enter their Home and enter into their journey.
Thunderbird House is unique in that it is more than a facility for Spiritual guidance of Aboriginal people. It is a portal to a common goal; Good Life – Mino Pimatiziwin. Thunderbird House and its supporters have the opportunity to enrich lives. The enrichment of life has a compound effect for the betterment of the larger community.
In order to accomplish the common goal, Thunderbird House needs Champions. Thunderbird House needs Champions to support the ideals of Good Life, healthy living, financial stability and unwavering commitment.
Thunderbird House is a majestic building, designed by noted Architect Douglas Cardinal. It is a haven of support and guidance for the non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal community. Providing spiritual guidance, community inclusion, and building community capacity by supporting individuals.  Thunderbird House can only live if it receives help. Building networks, and financial partnerships will provide Thunderbird House with the means to continue to capacity build in the community. Individuals that recognize their potential achieve greater success and practice higher citizenship behavior.
The Aboriginal population needs support. Thunderbird House, along with its colleagues and Helpers are going to provide that support. The Aboriginal population is in a crisis. That crisis is manifested in the market of public services accessed voluntarily and involuntarily by the Aboriginal population.  That access is not ideal for Aboriginal people in some cases. Where can the change begin to stop the over participation by Aboriginal people in the unemployment line, the correctional facility, the child care agency, the welfare line, the health clinics, and the morgue?
It can stop with you, with us.  The identity crisis of the Aboriginal population is a major hurdle to overcome. By instilling knowledge of history, of Spiritual beliefs, of pride, of perseverance and of discipline, the Aboriginal population will prosper. Having a good picture of oneself is one step, an important step, in becoming a stronger individual. Knowing that you are part of a larger community that sees itself in a good and positive manner, is the foundation to a healthier self. Having a strong sense of identity is key in stopping recidivism in the corrections. It helps with being a better parent, business member, a trust worthy colleague, a person you can count on, and a productive member of our society.
Financial supporting Thunderbird House is a plus for the community. The benefits will out way the costs.
There are no “magic bullets” to address all the issues currently faced by the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal population. Having a support mechanism such as the people involved with Thunderbird House is a good start. With your help it will be an on-going mechanism of support. 

Thunderbird House
Thunderbird House

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