Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Looking For The BoogeyMan: MMIW Inquiry

If you case you missed it, there is going to be an inquiry into the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in Canada.  Canada has a problem and its that someone is killing the Indigenous Women. One fellow has been caught and put in jail. He killed, dismembered and fed to the deceased to his hogs. An inquiry into the murders found the police and society was to blame.  Although the police were biased in their treatment it wasn't intentional, "There was systemic bias by the police," but the bias was not intentional,"claimed the author of the report.  And I am the Grand Chief of Canada.  Really I'm not but if you believe that crap in the report than you would believe anything. Of course the police are bias and it is their fault. So now we are into a much larger inquiry and we are unsure of what we will find. In the BC inquiry it was to address why 49 women were murdered and how it happened. In this case it is much wider, much bigger and much more scary.

There is this notion of Criminal Minds type activity going on here; a multitude of serial killers (you know someone who has killed three or more persons). The Highway of Tears in British Columbia is one such setting where a serial killer or killers could possible exist. The other setting would be the City of Winnipeg where Women have been going missing or are found murdered. One mother stated about her murdered girl; "They treated her like garbage, wrapping her up in a bag and throwing her into the river, She wasn't garbage. She was my baby."  We have no clue as to how it affects a family.  So the chance of finding answers is better than never knowing.

With the BC murders we had the chance to meet the monster, the boogeyman. He is everything you would think of a monster; dirty, smug, no remorse, alone (although he has a brother?) arrogant and ugly. In this case the new inquiry is seeking to find the monster, the boogeyman.

I think the Boogeyman the inquiry will find is going to be huge. I think we see a glimpse of him/her everyday. Like when Christy Clarks' staff triple erased emails relating to the BC Highway of Tears. "The letter says it all about how Christy Clark's government approaches its responsibilities to the people of B.C.," Horgan said in a statement, "'You do whatever it takes to win.' Even when it involves missing and murdered women."  One of the biggest Boogey-monsters was/is Stephen Harper. He and his league of Ministers did much in the  Prime Minister's Office to rid Canada of Indigenous people. In Saskatchewan the Premier Brad Wall is becoming a monster when it comes to Indigenous people. 

Are these people killing Indigenous Women?  Not in the manner like the BC monster, I don't think. I don't think we'll  see them beheading our Women and putting them in garbage bags and dumping them in the river. What the inquiry will find is the  ground is fertile for killing. The manure for the fertile killing ground is in: the policies, the attitudes, the business of government, the lies, the justice system, the social system, the ignorance and the bias of society. These are all pieces of the Boogeyman. 

We will see the Boogeyman in the poverty that plagues our young, our people and our Women. 

It will be in the face of the police officer that is so jaded with the "job" that every Indian he/she meets is a dirt bag criminal or worse a "fucking cunt".

It will be in the face of the taxi driver who only sees the media portrayal of Indigenous Women. Who believes they are "easy" and willing to have sex with any man.

It will be in the face of the judge who believes that Women can say no to rape and just keep their legs together and not dress for sex. 

It will be in the face of the Peace Keeper who betrays his sister solider with rape and brutality. 

 It will be in the faces of our men. The ones who commit violence and fight our Women. 

It will be in the faces of gangs. The gangs who sell drugs and who live off the Women, and who try to sell women. 

It will be in our Mom's  and Dad's that abuse drugs and chose the "life" over the welfare of the children, our kids. 

It will be in the social ills faced by our Women.

It will be in the stranger who is preying on the vulnerable, the poor, the unlucky, on the Woman who just wants to live. 

Women who just wanted to live 


  1. Sagkeeng has the most missing women in ALL OF Canada.
    Personaly I think it is the ones who are being paid to protect them are the ones who are doing it. As they are really not interested in finding a missing native woman. When immigrant white women go missing, they are constantaly on the news, unlike the missing native women....:(

  2. Teraann@hotmail.comMarch 22, 2017 at 1:05 AM

    Actually i have noticed a decreased effort in finding anyone of any colour. That white Lady Krall who went jogging at 6pm one night in Winnipeg a few years ago now. That's it. After a few missing were found in correlation with drugs gone bad. Its like Manitoba stopped caring. That's when we should be most vigilant. My Mum put my picture in the Sun '92. It took less then five minutes from me getting the paper from the box to calling the reporter. My life was forever changed. I told my story. Bad people got punished and my Mum made sure we always kept a phone line open until she passed on. She died knowing her lil teen girl was OK. No mother should have to go to those lengths. Had she not. I may have been in one of those ditches