Saturday, December 3, 2016

Locker Room Talk Degrades Women.

Holy Heck can you believe Donald Trump? He is quite the individual. Anyway he is now going to be the leader of the so called "free world". The funny thing about him is his ability to say anything and not care of the after math. Still he has done one good thing and it is to bring awareness to how men are pigs. Men have become so accustomed to the locker room talk about Women. Locker room talk being a metonymy for sexiest demeaning speak.

As a young man (very young and stupid) I admit I also  did some bragging, exaggeration and out right fabrication of some sexual exploits. Not a good thing. Still there are things that stick in your memory of some talk. I was in my mid twenties and was very lucky and happy to receive trip to Maui. My friend was a frequent traveler and he was rewarded a trip on defunct Airline Canadian Pacific. I think the whole plane was part of group of frequent fliers. Anyway these "professional" looking young White men would talk a lot. They were rude and arrogant. Making Gay jokes about me. I was very friendly and excited to be on the trip. I talked with everyone and many Locals - Native Hawaiians. Anyway I became a friendly acquaintance with the servers at one pub. I remember sitting next table to the White guys and they were commenting on the waitress and her looks. She was a young blonde White Woman. Their comments ended with the smell of  her vagina after being on her feet all day and working in the heat. I remember it because it upset me. I didn't intervene in their conversation.

Later in the evening I ran into both the Hawaiian bar tender and the blonde server in another pub. We shook hands laughed and visited. The White men were there and I didn't say anything to the Woman or the bar tender guy. I felt bad for her, the server and ashamed for myself as to what I heard.

It is demeaning and degrading to speak of Women this way. Its ugly.

Yet it seems like sexiest speak is normal. We have normalized it in our lives.
Its wrong.

We are ignoring the importance in all of life what the feminine means. We need to see and to normalize how Women are life.

If life depended on Women would we degrade it? Would we traumatize them? Would we hurt maim and destroy them? Life depends  on Women yet we act like they don't matter.

So if we let "locker room talk" go unchallenged (as I did) we are also guilty of hurting them as well.

I say I am truly sorry for saying ugly repugnant things on Women.

We need to be more active in listening to Women. Understanding what they truly stand for. Relish in their beauty, kindness and goodness.

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