Sunday, May 7, 2017

Go Ahead Brag About Yourself, Break Social Norms

Why are we not allowed to brag about ourselves? You will find all sorts of articles stating the case of the braggart being wrong.  I am wondering if there is any a time when bragging is acceptable.

When much of the world tells us that no matter what bragging is wrong. It sends the message that you just want to look good. I guess that is true but there must be some good in telling others the good deed you have done. When I'm talking about bragging I'm focused on the things we do and not what we have: a high paying job, big house, fast car, trophy spouse, and big dog. No its about the good things you have done which helped others.

Its a bugger for sure. You may want people to know the good thing you did. Still you don't want to be seen as a braggart. You want to inspire others into doing more and Pay-It-Forward but how can you get people to pay it forward if  they don't know about it?

So I say screw it. If people think you are telling about a good deed you did to make yourself look good, so what? We want to hear good things in the world. We hear so much of the ugly things we do. We are also quick to shit on ourselves. Even if we make mistakes, don't we need a chance to make things right? We should be able to say good things about ourselves.

Society is hard. Our people have been slagged so much that it is part of our being and we need to change that. So start with shouting it out. We are pretty damn good. Let's show them this is what we are doing.

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