Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Weird Sayings From the Reserve

Language Warning.

If you are squeamish, have a tight arsehole, drink tea with your pinky finger pointed up in the air, don't have stinky farts (pooget), use a bidet rather than good old toilet paper, and are just offended by anything, then this is not a good page for you. I suggest skipping this page and thank you for stopping by. If you don't scare or can look at a maggot ravaged carcass then by all means come in.

Some people have their own way of saying things. Lot of these sayings, we have no idea what in the heck is the message. I am trying to remember some of them. I share a few of them here. Perhaps you know the intent of the saying. Some I will just put up with no context so it may be hard to decipher.

"You've been through the hole, eh Shoelace?"

This was a favorite saying of an older cousin in the 1970's while he was partying.

"Fucker John, your money's gone."

Not sure if it was "fuck her" or fucker.

"Fuck them and their little red wagon."

This one is my friend who told me this one. It was his friend who coined this one.

"You dirty cunt lapper."

My cousin was mad at his younger brother and said this to him. This was when we were about 14 to 15 years old. My Auntie asked my cousin, "what is a cunt lapper?" Some of the phrases used may not be specific to our Reserve. I imagine this one is used all over but can't really say if I have heard it anywhere else.

"You got bad thoughts Chi-gaa?"

Not really sure of the last word. I am mispronouncing it for sure. It could be "tii-gaa" or something different. It is what the French priest used to say to the older boys. He was before my time and mostly for the older people in the reserve, those who went to the boarding school in the late 30's 40's and 50's. The Priest now long gone was an infamous predator of young boys in the school. I guess he would say that to the boys and he "washed" their genitals. So the older guys would tease each other with the saying.

"Ween-jeeg" and "Paa-chack".  Two sayings in the Reserve. One is to say when someone is stinky, like pee smelling stinky. The other is when someone is a jerk or a help themselves type of person. It can be a good jerk or a jerk kind of jerk.

Paugan and frog.

These words are euphemisms for vagina. Like, "wash your dirty old frog".  Or Ah-ki-to-paugan. 
The word paugan is a bastardized word. I can only speculate but its actual meaning is Pipe. The Pipe in Indian world is made of the feminine and masculine. So it may have been bastardized because of the Christian affect in our community. As I think it was only in our community where the word was used in this manner. Just like the word for Creator was changed to mean the Devil. Like "michim-imato" instead of Chi-Manito which is Grand Spirit.

Ploode or Plude.

"You old ploode face". "Wash your stinking ploode".  Ploode is specific to our reserve to mean the penis. Not sure of where, when or how it came to be used.

There were/are many sayings specific to the community.

A very good saying is Neechie. Neechie is not specific to our community but its part of the Ojibwe/Cree lexicon. It is used in place of Indian but is a shorten version of the word of friend. "Hey Neechie".  "Hey there are some Neechies over there." 

Be nice to hear some of the sayings specific to your growing up and to your community.

  Riel Benn Artist

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