Monday, July 20, 2009

Be my guide

Lot of people out there are very good hunters. I am not one of them. Oh, I did my share of hunting but it is not what you call real hunting. You know the kind of hunting where you trek all over the bush, tracking big animals and stalking them, until you get close enough to touch them. No, I had a spotlight in hand while one of my friends drove down some bush cutting dirt road at night. That is not hunting, that is poaching and slaughter of innocent animals. Sure I gave meat to old people, but still it wasn't right. When I was a kid my dad would take me out trapping. Now he was a real hunter and trapper. He was hired as a guide up north at Thunderbird Lodge. He took Americans out for moose. Me, I was asked to take out these 3 Greek guys to hunt deer. I was to flush deer out of the woods into a clearing for these guys. I went, being Indian and all, but what the heck did I know about flushing out deer! For heck sakes, I was scared; I was all alone in the woods trampling around like who knows what and looking for deer. Well guess what? I did manage to spook one deer into the field clearing for the Greek guys that were suppose to be waiting for a deer to come out. As I came out into the opening the deer was already across the field and the guys were sitting in their car having coffee! An adjacent road had a car moving through, and it stopped. A man got out and shot the deer. We went home empty handed and that was the end of my guiding career.
I see that is the way of the Reserve now, a lot of guys hunt from the back of pickup trucks or on ATV's. There is no real thought of conservation. I was young stupid and like that. Now I don't hunt at all. I haven't gone fishing in a long time as well. But I think that's because I am lazy and not for some moral reason or some sacred aspect to my feelings towards fish.
I wish there were more people that would consider the sacredness of animals. Perhaps the hunting expedition would have more meaning and become more of cause rather than an evening of fun. Perhaps the animal would be treated with more consideration before, during, and after the hunt.
A story from home: Speaking of hunting, my cousin is one those guys that loves the bush and he goes out all the time. Not just for the hunt, but just for the feeling when you go into the bush. There is nothing like have hot tea boiled over an open fire in the bush. The smell of smoke, the crackling of the sticks burning, ahhh. Oops getting a little lost there. Anyway, my cousin likes to go up to Bear River rapids. Now one time when he went out there he came up to the rapids. I guess another fellow from the Reserve had the same idea. Didn't my cousin come up into the clearing of the rapids when he sees two naked people running through the rapids. They didn't hear my cousin until he made his way into the clearing. They dashed or at least the woman dashed as fast as she could into the woods on the other side of the rapids. This guy was caught him, so he strolled up to my cousin, naked as the day and says "so, what's happening?" The woman was not his wife. :-0 Of course being from the Reserve, the story went all over.

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