Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moms are the Best

Everyone's mom is the best. Except those that are just no damn good. What makes our mom the best? My Mom passed away from Cancer March 16, 2005. She was the best person I have ever met. Not phony in the least bit. She was kind, and always thought of others. It is those characteristics of a good person that we should try and carry forward. But what distinguishes her from others? I guess it is really not that uncommon that women, specifically Mom's are good people.

My Mom was a janitor since I was a little kid. She worked hard all the time. She was traditional in the sense that she was the care provider. My Mom didn't learn to drive until she was in her late 30's. She told us of the story when she got my older brother Poncho to drive her to work. Poncho was to young to drive but Mom didn't know how to drive. A police officer stopped them on her way to work. He told my Mom that she had to give him ten dollars or he would take Poncho to jail. My Mom said she was lucky because she did have ten dollars at home. So the cop followed Mom and Poncho back to the house to get the ten dollars. Poncho then drove Mom to work. She laughed because she always thought that was how the cops were. She knew I was not the best kid or most honest, so she used to say "don't give them a chance to catch you". She didn't say "don't do anything wrong", but don't let them catch you. I used to call her crazy old lady. She sure was a lot of fun. She had these Teachings that you remember and carry with you. She always wanted to make sure you fed people. She would get upset if you ate in front of people without giving them food. In her last statements when she was wasting away from the cancer, she still took the time to tell us to make sure to feed people. In one of her Teachings she would say "be like this", showing a finger straight up, and"not like this", showing a bent finger. She said that you give someone your word you try and make sure to keep it. She said it was Mishoom that gave her and Dad that Teaching. Mishoom used to say that if you say you are going to meet someone in town, you make sure to get there. It is a long walk and if someone goes there and you are not there, you have wasted their day. Make sure to do what you say you are going to do.

That police story reminds of the encounters I had with police back in the Reserve.

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