Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Don't think no one wants you just 'cause your old"

Sitting at a neigbhour's backyard, having snacks and drinks, we talked about the daily grind. My friendly neighbour, let's call him Keith, is a one of those guys that never ages. You know the type; tall, black, handsome, personable, with a bit of exotic background. Well that's Keith, a guy who is retired but looks like he could be mid-forties and not mid-sixties. His wife Linda, is a fifty-year old White woman, very friendly lady who worships the world of Keith. This was my first visit at the neighbour's house. There were other couples that I did not know at the evening get together. As we talked and laughed about daily things, the conversation turned to the violence of the city. I commented about my wife working downtown and my apprehension about her having to walk around there. There were a number of muggings and some sexual assualts in the area.

Keith started commented about his measures to ensure safety in the home, like a camera mounted outside, double dead-bolt locks, a machete at his grasp. Keith started to talk about the sexual assaults that happen down town and it happened to a mature woman. Keith went on to say to his wife in front of us, "See Babe, just 'cause your old don't think nobody wants you". My wife and I laughed so hard. All the while Linda, Keith's wife, just took in all the words of wisdom that Keith had to offer. To this day I am not sure if Keith was being facticious or he was serious. Even as we laughed he never broke his stride. That guy is fantastic.

I was thinking about this today and how people are so funny smart that we don't know if they are serious or have their game on. I think Keith is naturally funny as we have seen more of his witty and crazy comments as we become closer neighbours.

It's takes skill to be funny. Sometimes funny can come out as just being mean. That is not really funny. I like to be funny and can be charming as well, but I know that some people are just good at it, that you don't know if they are playing you.

Oh by the way, I heard today that a simple trick to get yourself out of a funk is to bite down on the long part of a pencil. It forces your mouth into a smile. When you smile it makes you happy. So pick up that pencil and hold it in your mouth. :-)

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  1. made me smile and I didn't even have to bite a pencil!:o)