Friday, July 23, 2010

Saying goodbye to Granny Hazel

My mother-in-law passed away the other day. It is a sad day for our family.
Suz is doing alright, considering it has been a long farewell.
I am very lucky and blessed to have met this very good person, Granny Hazel. She was the very ideal in kindness and goodness.
We are quick to praise the deceased in most instances, but I know this to be the truth about Granny Hazel.
In your life you are lucky to meet a fine person, and I am very fortunate to have met a good number of good people. My Mom is one and so is Hazel.
I looked at some of Suz's grandparents pictures and the people are all Brown. Very brown. :)
Monday we will have a good visit with Hazel before she goes on.
We should be sad and miss her, but at the same time happy that we got to know her as we did.
Hazel was blind, but you would not know it. She was independent, resourceful and always working. The first time I met her, she was still making cream from the cows.
It was different for me, as Hazel and her family like to hug each other.
My baby Chloe was always on her knee and always being "babied" by Granny.
The home made bread, toasted on the stove element is still one of our fondest memories.
Food being served and tea being made was the norm and still is in the Spence household.
Have a wonderful trip Granny Hazel and say hi to my Mom and Don for me.

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  1. Kia ora Steve,
    My condolences, she sounds as if she was lovely woman.