Monday, October 25, 2010

Corey Bushie will be in Jail for 12 years.

Corey Bushie is a name from the past. He was a 11 year old kid that lived in the neighbourhood. I remember him as this little lively happy kid. He had that little rat tail hair style that kids had in the 90's. We used to live in the north-end of the city. A very poor community. My boys went to school in the area and they had a lot of friends. My older boy has always been good at making friends. He is that easy going type of guy. Anyway, we moved away from the area to a middle class area. When that happens things change, your kids meet new friends and old friends are not there anymore. It was my son that told me who the Corey was in the paper. I was saddened to hear this. As my son pointed out more than of few of his old friends have ended up in the paper for some type of criminal act. It makes me glad and sad at the same time that we moved from the area. I still go there quite a bit to look at our old house. I want to remember the good times that my kids had. The north-end is filled with Indians, poorer White people, Ukrainians, Polish, Filipinos and other new immigrants. One of the big things we noticed when we moved to another neighbourhood was the quiet. No kids playing, no street noise. I remember it being eerie when we first moved. Strange I know.  My boy and I wondered about the old north end neighbourhood. Did moving give them (our boys) a better chance than the other kids?

"A Winnipeg man who claims he's been wrongfully convicted of a deadly inner-city shooting will have to spend at least 12 years in prison before he can apply for parole.
Cory Bushie was found guilty of second-degree murder earlier this year, triggering an automatic life sentence. The only question left to decide was his parole eligibility.
The Crown asked earlier this week to have it raised as high as 16 years, while Bushie requested the mandatory minimum of 10 years. Queen's Bench Justice Doug Abra ruled Friday 12 years was sufficient given the circumstances of the case, which include Bushie's extensive prior criminal record.
Bushie, 30, has always denied being involved in the July 2007 killing of 20-year- old Aaron Nabess in a lane behind a known crack house at 575 Magnus Ave. Nabess was shot four times, staggering through the neighbourhood for several minutes before collapsing. Bushie claims the real killer was never caught -- but jurors clearly disagreed.
The case centred around two women who testified they saw Bushie pull the trigger. Defence lawyer Danny Gunn argued during the trial their evidence is flawed and may have been an attempt to cover up the truth.
Gunn said there were plenty of other people with opportunity and motive to kill Nabess, a known drug dealer. He also argued even if Bushie pulled the trigger, he was too impaired at the time to form the necessary intent for murder and should have only been convicted of manslaughter.
The Crown told jurors there should be no doubt about Bushie's guilt. They noted the testimony of Marilia Martins, who broke down in tears while describing how Nabess and Bushie got into a dispute that ended with gunfire while she and a friend stood nearby. The four had just left the North End home, where a party was going on inside.
Bushie repeated his claim of innocence during sentencing submissions this week and plans to appeal."


  1. Kia ora Steve,
    Thank you for putting a boy behind the name and another adult life more or less wasted. Until we start seriously asking real questions about the disparities between those neighborhoods, a whole new generation of young people will be right behind Corey.

  2. hey Robb, Thanks, this weekend 3 people were shot in the north end, two men dead, and one 13 year girl shot. Random shooting. Guy on a bike with a mask on, went around shooting people.

  3. I'm àarons mother as far as I'm concerned he wouldn't give up the person who shot my son and I believe he got them the gun. He's guilty as charged.