Monday, October 4, 2010

Vigil for Missing women: keeping them alive

Tonight a Gathering was held for the Aboriginal Missing and murdered Women in Canada. It was held at the Manitoba Legislative Grounds in Manitoba Canada. It is a demonstration of Hope, Caring and Support. We need to remember. Need to keep Women in the front of our Minds. Need to keep seeking for their safety. Need to try and get them Home. Need to keep them alive in the minds and Hearts of people, of family, of community.

Jennifer Catcheway's Mom. Jennifer is one of many missing Native women. Bernice, Lucille and all her family are looking for her.
Singing for the Missing women. Singing out their names and telling them that this is for them.
Lot of Women have gone missing. Keep them in your mind/memory. Think about the families, think of the Women.
Chickadee Richards spending some time remembering the Women. She is a Traditional Teacher. She has said she will participating in the next Gathering For Survivors of Suicide. As a person in the front lines she deals with Suicide and is going to make a difference.
Another beautiful strong Woman, Lori Mainville. She is an activist, a Mom and a Traditional person.

Handing out candles for the Missing Women.

Woman, Karen Courchene from Sagkeeng. My Reserve. She was in my school and class as a kid.

The RED DRESS Women. An Aboriginal Artist is collecting five hundred dresses and going to display them on the trees in the city. She wants the dresses to represent the Missing Women. And the display is to put in the minds of people. To make them aware of the Missing Women.

Television and Movie Star, former Member of Parliament of Canada, Ms Tina Keeper.

Another Woman from Sagkeeng Indian Reserve in Manitoba, Ann Bruyere. Not sure what her married name is. A very good person.
Lot of Missing Women represented at the Vigil.

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