Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AM radio a part of Indian Nostaliga

I remember as a kid we  used to listen to the radio coming out of Portage la Prairie. That is a station that has been around for a long time, CFRY, 920 on the AM dial. For those that don't know, there was AM radio before FM. The radio would come in good at nights. Portage is quite aways from Sagkeeng so, we were lucky to get it in the evenings. On this station they had dedication lines, where people would phone in and request songs. We could tell from some Reserves where the callers were from, especially Peguis Reserve. That radio station still has a request show. It is on Sunday mornings from 11:00am to 1:00pm. People are not live on the air anymore, but the DJ will read who and where the requests for songs come from. Many of the requests, are from the Indian community. Even people from our Reserve still send requests for certain songs.  I am amazed at the old songs.
The type of songs are mostly old gospel country. It is a good pass time listening to the station on Sundays. My wife and I make it a habit to listen. We will remember Sues' brothers Gord and Brian, my brother Poncho and our Moms. The songs are good and the AM radio still works. Nostalgic. Sometimes we use the television radio stations to listen to CFRY.

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