Thursday, May 19, 2011

The rule of an Addict

"Are you going to go up the river and get lucky?" "Its not luck, its a sure bet."  Fabian (Burnell) talking about going out with a girl in the Reserve. The thing with addicts is that you can bet money on them. The rule is that they will always find a way to screw up. That is the rule. No matter how nice a girl or a guy they are, the rule is that an addict will screw it up. Any Addict, gambler, drug user, pill popper, or a drunk. It may not be today, but it is a sure bet, they will screw up.

You can bet against the odds. Maybe he won't get drunk this time. Maybe she won't spend all the grocery money on the slot machines.  She will be able to make her work shift. Bet money and you will lose. Bet your marriage on it and you will lose.  Bet your friendship on it, and well, it will be tested. Will there be lies? If there are no lies, that is something, I have yet to see.

Get your hopes up and have them crushed. Can it change?

There are of course the people who are constantly working on beating the Addiction. Those people I will wager on and maybe, I will get lucky. But that's the thing, we go all in anyways.
I certainly hope for a win.

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