Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Road Kill (& other stuff)

Yesterday I went to visit my Dad in the Reserve. I noticed a heck of a lot of dead animals by the highway. I figured I would share some of what I saw on the trip. The trip is not that long. Sagkeeng is about 150 kilometers from the City of Winnipeg on Highway 59 north. I didn't take pictures of all the animals I saw on the road, but that's okay.

I was thinking about hosting another blog site entitled Road Kill (& other commentary). This site would be about crap. (No not the stuff you see in your toilet bowl after you have had a mean one. And why do they call it a mean one? And who says they don't turn around a look after the deed is done? Me, I check every single time. I want to keep a mental inventory of what goes out. I try to compare with what comes in and what makes it out. I even thought of doing a blog about that. Take pictures after every construction period and call it something like Crap & other nasty stuff in the world. I know you guys have "code words" for your bowel movements, everyone does. I call it construction. My wife says "I don't want to know". I even tell her about "maintenance". You know, when you have some remnants of construction that it kind of bugs you or hurts when you are out and about. So I say, "I got to go and do some maintenance", in other words, wipe my bum.  My wife hates that I share everything with her. With this blog I would do commentary on the shit that is happening all over, not just in Indian country. Like people getting all bent out of shape over driving in the city. Or politicians getting got with someone of the same gender, I mean who gives a crap?) The Road kill site would be a commentary on the highs and lows of society: road kill. The political environment, and other road kill nonsense. But I don't think I will. I am not sure if I could stomach researching about all the negative stuff in society. It's hard enough just keeping my mind sane with what goes on in Indian country or even what goes on in my community.

So I think I will stay with confessing my little sins on this site. After all, who says I can't (or haven't been) posting crap on here.

Good driving folks.

Poor animals. I guess they come close to the road in the evenings. The road stays a little warmer and maybe that is attractive to bugs, animals. So cars come along and bash their little heads in and smash up all the little bones. Destructive those vehicles. Do you ever wonder how many millions or billions of bugs are killed by cars? The amount of butterflies and bees that are smashed? No wonder there is now a bee shortage.


  1. Deer, skunks and raccoon are big here. This fall, after the first big frost there were a lot of snakes on the road which makes me ill as I like snakes. And during a rain one night the roads were filled with frogs! You couldn't drive without running them over, there were so many. I first thought they were leaves (or tried to convince myself) but had visions of sliding on frog :(.

    This year I also saw a bear, two badgers and a wolf...and lots of painted turtles! Who would run over a sweet turtle?

    As for bugs, no never really thought about them except butterflies. Going through clouds of bugs though is a bit freaky.

    Oh, and there is a guy awhile back who blogged his toilet activities. So you would have company LOL! If it weren't for digital...

  2. Wow!New regalia!No,seriously-poor little guys.Elders in my family say"Every animal knows more than a human does"and they are so right.Just imagine how the furry or buzzing fellows must be fed up...The "road kill site" would have to be a 24H news channel and the anchor would freak out,bombarded with mass mental diarhee and accused by mentally constipated individuals for calling crap a crap.You'd have to strap Yourself to a chair not to puke Your kidneys out(I call this process"launching"+thanks for "maintenance"=so naturally poetic...).If a politician was (for a change!)caught with a sheep or a ferret there would be at least an open case of animale abuse=then we would care.

  3. I saw some real live for real living animals last week. A coyote and two racoons. I was amazed as I never seen a racoon in the wilds (except Vancouver City) and that was the first time. I have seen coyotes in the daytime before, but rarely.

  4. For me even a half an hour of looking at critters is a total relax.Believe me ,they know it and every pigeon ,racoon or else knows the sucker...It's been a while since a magpie decided that I'm the right catering service.Mean Randy(You should see him terrorising cats...)enjoys having a nap in a basket like armchair-I guess he views it as a deluxe giant nest.When I found him in the bedroom for the first time I was sure he'd escape in panic.Well,he looked at me "hello-someone's trying to relax!"style and then just made himself more comfy and closed his beady eyes.Just to tell You-the beast knows "wild" heart.