Friday, December 30, 2011

how to save a life...

Really?  How do we save a life???

If I knew how I wouldn't be here.


  1. I’ve answered to a teen’s letter on a web site dealing with teenage depression and I looked through the site’s info. Someone there warns kids that if you suicide your pain and suffering won’t go away but will “follow you in another life”. Wow! Finally a bloody genius who knows fuckin’everythin’ about the other side! And how the hell does this kind of statement help if You’re depressed? I’m absolutely for every possible form of help and prevention of suicide, however sometimes “cheering up” can really cause more damage. A buddy of mine got back from a “one more war” severely injured. He lost his legs and he was grieving when a sophisticated “head doctor” told him that “everything will be all right” and there’s “no need for bad thoughts". Absolutely no respect for my friend’s pain, for his intelligence and for his dignity. Bro was in rage, Sicangu relatives yanked the “wasicu wakan”from the room. The guy yelled that he had “lots of experience with veteran cases” ,I told him I had a lot of experience with my bush master and a shovel. Some folks seem to think that if they read a few books about a “kind of pain” they actually know all about it. They know shit. Being injured, emotionally or physically doesn’t turn you into a “patient” or a “victim”. It turns you into a fighter, on a higher level.

  2. I think about that all the time. Endlessly going over in my head how to save a life, one life.
    Going go a suicide prevention workshop being held at the Sagkeeng Reserve tomorrow. Maybe someone there also knows.
    Thanks for the comments.