Friday, December 30, 2011

You can't be that stupid?

You just can't be that stupid?!?

This Older Native woman asked me if the Midewiiwin was part of a cult. She is old and so just can't be that stupid. She was upset over the topic I wrote a while back and said that I was spreading hate. I guess I was a trying to be a "smart ass" and slapping religion, specifically, Christianity. Which I know is a bad thing. However the lady did get me thinking, when she emailed and asked if Midewiwin was a cult. Really? How stupid is that. An Indian woman yet? (Shaking my head)

It would be like me, when I never, ever questioned that the news paper printed the names of people who couldn't shop at Sears anymore. My friend would say, as he was reading the newspaper, that he was going to look at who is not allowed to shop at the store anymore. I used to think, "oh they print the name of shoplifters". Now really, how stupid can I be?

Or it is like me, when I make up scenarios of what people are doing or thinking as I encounter them. Like this one time, My wife and I were a traffic stop light and a transit bus went on by, a pedestrian was trying to get the attention of the bus driver, so he could get on the bus. The bus driver was a slightly over-weight woman. She looked at the guy waving and running. I told me wife that "this woman will pick up the guy because she will feel bad, as she knows what it is like to be picked on, ignored and bullied because of her looks, so she will be compassionate." My wife said, "no she is angry and bitter because of how people are and how people treated her, so she is going to act out like that". I said, "really?!?". My wife turned and looked at me like I was crazy. Or in this case like I was really that stupid.

Or when I was watching television and this news show was talking about the size of potatoes in Prince Edward Island. I saw this potato the size of a person. I called my wife and said "look how big that potato is!" She said "that's a sign, a replica, a novelty item, it is not real". "Oh", is all I could say.

I bet you must have heard some things that you just had to shake your head and say, "you can't be that stupid".

As for the Native lady, I think she is just being mean. Or Trying to get my goat (is that the right saying?) Anyway, she is the true embodiment of Religious indoctrination by Christianity and a long standing policy of the Canadian government. She is considered a success story in those circles. :)

By the way, my friend was referring to the obituaries. It took me years to figure that out. That bastard.


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  2. Thank you, and to all yous, have a great new year.

  3. specifically, Christianity. Which I know is a bad thing.? NO ISLAM is a very bad thing wake up islam is evil

  4. Inquisitions, witch hunts and more... :d