Friday, January 6, 2012

Racist Arizona Girls: Are you really that stupid?

Are you really really that stupid? These young white girls made a video about their views regarding Mexicans.

Can you imagine what their lives are going to be like? Can you say pariah? In some cases these two girls will be heroes.

Interesting that these two stupid girls will end up crying on some tv show about how they made a mistake and how they are really not racist and how the world hates them and how they are afraid for their lives. That is what will happen. Poor girls.

It is quite interesting because people do stupid stuff all the time. No excuse for the behaviour of these two Ivy leaguers. Mensa candidates for sure. They have technical skills, artistic skills. They took the time to set up the shooting frame. Film In 3D and post in HD. We are talking talent here. The way they moved their little bums without the assistance of music or stand here cues (X marks the spot). The arrangement of lights and the whole production, it stands out. The writing, like it was a period piece of the old deep south era. These girls have vision and have captured what the true racist mind thinks. But you would have thought, being the brains they are, that they would have offered a qualifier to their film. You know put it context? Like, this is what we would say if we were indeed racist. :D Just kidding, these girls really are that stupid. So stupid they give a bad name to books for dummies.

There are lots, I mean lots of people out there that share the same view. Just look at Hank Williams Jr., Toby Keith, Bill O'Reilly, Rick Santorums, Ron Paul and the infamous, Ann Coulter. Only thing is these people have the power of money and also get paid for their racist (or "free speech")tirades. I am not sure what the future holds for these girls but they could be the poster child's for the Republicans or for the Governor of Arizona.

Everyone has an opinion. Even if it is really really dumb. Poor kids. (Sardonic attempt) You can see these girls being head of a corporation like Disney.

In any case I don't know what the heck these two silly girls were thinking???

But seriously, I can't imagine how ugly these girls are inside. The hatred. Just ugly. It's there, the racism, the hate, the ugliness.

This girl is so smart funny. Good stuff. She hit it spot on. :D

Now for some more stupidity.... :D

This is the only stupidity that I normally watch.

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  1. Who are these hyperactive girls again? It seems to me that the illegal immigrants do not like other “aliens”…Weird. And why are they so pissed off? Maybe a Mexican guy wasn’t interested…I can’t even say that I’m astonished about the racist slur. While uncle sam “recognizes” some 21 tribes (“or so”) living in Arizona, majority of those who call themselves “American” do not know even the names of the tribes living nearby.If You speak Navajo or Apache,you'll be asked if Your mother tongue is Russian or Arabic...If it's so hard to acknowledge the existence of the "neighbours"and own status(errr...illegal immigration-ennit?),then just imagine how terribly painful it must be for the tortured brains to "register"info about people living from another side of the border...We talking a major mental constipation:Mickey is shitting bricks of "hazardous waste"!