Friday, January 20, 2012

Guess What? I am going to CUBA,

Yeah that's right I am CUBA (sounds like ko-ba). Holy Heck. My wife is taking me. Holy heck I am thinking, Me in Cuba. What to wear, what to wear? Wife said no speedos. You know I heard her a few years ago talking about a trip she went on and the banana hammocks. Never knew what the heck a banana hammock was until not too long ago. Sheesh.

I am actually looking forward to the trip. It is the idea of meeting new people. I am not really that interested in meeting other travelers, but thats okay too. I want to make friends with Indigenous folk. Yeah that is what I think. But why would they want to make friends with tourists? In any case it will be interesting to go. My wife is such a good person. Always trying to make feel good and better. The other day we had Feast for My Boy, our boy. He would have been 27. Wow, time is going so fast, but time is standing still in some ways too. Oops going doing that route again, better change direction.

So, I have been reading the travel trip advisors and trip tips about Koba. Need to change money for pesos at the airport once we arrive and save 25 for the fee coming back. Most comments are about the rooms, the hotel and the service. Mix of reviews from great to "don't go".

My cousin went and he talked about the people. He says they are so friendly. Take baby clothes he told me. People are poor and need items. I don't really know too much about Cuba, except the U.S. does not like them. That's kind of weird. The States will do business and help all sorts of political regimes all over the world but this little country is a threat to them? Funny the U.S. (and Canada) still give foreign aide to China ( the new economic power house of the world) but maintains strict embargoes against this poor neighbour?

In any case, KOBA here I come.

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  1. Have a great trip!Gu Zu Dalsh(Let all the good things happen).Well,Your wife is definitely pampering You-thumbs up for her.I lived and worked with some Cuban guys (we were stuck in Eastern Europe for very different reasons after a rough time in Angola).They treated me as family and were very protective(I was 19 ).I know You've received all kind of advice,the only thing I could say is :Do not mention politics and AbakuĂ .Have fun and travel safely.