Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lot of Cruelty out there Folks.

 Sometimes words can't describe how you feel about something. "You're kids committed suicide to get away from you"... this is what was said to that Grandmother. (Dad apologizes for son's actions)
I do think the Dad of one of the boys was very brave in going on camera and expressing his sorrow for what his son did to that Elderly lady.

I think there is a lot of cruelty in the world. Of course there are much worse cruelties going on in the world that we can't even imagine. This bus incident may seem minor in comparison and that is true. But we can't ignore cruelty in any form. I guess with the video it shows cruelty in your backyard. The video brings it into your home and that is what gets people.

This is a cruelty that comes from children?


  1. I think cruelty is always the same. It has the same evil root, only the circumstances are allowing for a « full spectrum »or for less. There was a documentary about people who were pronounced dead, then resuscitated. One guy believed that he found himself in hell:” There was a lot of suffering and screaming around, but in this place there was no compassion whatsoever “.The definition of hell given by this guy stayed in my mind – a place without compassion…People have been creating hell for fellow human beings (and for their own stupid arses) for centuries, always finding a sickening “reason” for their actions. Right now there’s not even a need for an “alibi” – destroying “losers” is O’K. I was sickened to see a movie (supposed to be a “warning” for teens) where a girl (rich,” correct” family) met an “incorrect” boy in a chat room. I thought “the warning” will be about predators on the net, but naah. The boy’s “fault” was that he was from a poor, criminal family; he had no money and no job. The society had done a great job rejecting him and the actual message of the film is “no chance for losers”. The puke fest finishes with the boy being incarcerated (guilty by association) and the girl going for a shopping spree with her rich, correct mother. Aren’t we bombarded by messages of this sort on daily basis? It’s not even so much about the race anymore –it’s about money, it’s about being mean, phoney, stupid and loud. Some parents say they are facing a dilemma:” If we bring up our kids to be kind they’ll be bullied. If we bring them up to be tough they may become bullies”. I think we should teach people the truth. You mentioned Your cousin Ernest told folks not to be phoney. That’s exactly the message we should spread.(BTW I hope to share fry bread with You guys some day). We must teach younger ones not to let anybody brainwash them, not to let anyone convince them that they are “losers” or “winners”.

  2. Heard about this on the radio. So sad I cannot even watch the video.