Saturday, June 2, 2012

Roger Waters In Winnipeg

Holy Heck! Now that was a concert. Read this link and you will know what took place. I could not describe it any better.

It was a moving concert in ways that I could not really describe. Yes it is only a concert, but for whatever reason it made feel so lucky. The tickets were xmas gift from the wife. We were up in the 8th row to the right side of the stage. We were next to the wall section of the stage. We could see Waters as close as just about anyone. It was pretty good feeling.
I thought of the songs and sang along. The whole arena crowd drowned out  any other sounds. The singing of Waters did not disappoint.
I went back in time to when I was 19 years old. Experiencing the sensations of being that naive and young. I thought a lot about my Boy. He was a fan. He grew up listening to what I listened to and had an appreciation for Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, the Pogues. I love my Boy.
When Comfortable Numb came on, I teared up thinking of my Boy. "The boy is grown, the dream is gone..." That line used to sound like the boy is gone, the dream is gone. Still the song takes me to a place where my Boy is in my head.

I was happy to have experienced the concert. My wife has been taking me to music venues and I have been enjoying them. Was never that much a big fan of concerts. Too much drunks and rowdies. That has no bearing on my enjoyment any longer. I realize that I have no control over anything.

A great concert and some wonderful memories.

Thank you Sue. I do love you.


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