Friday, November 2, 2012

Gidimaagenim: A Pity

Driving around with my Dad in the City of Winnipeg, and he looked around at the people and he said "'gidimaazi". People are poor, its a pity.  My Dad has been staying at the house for a while. He has the early onset of Alzheimer's. It is funny because you don't know if he is teasing at times, but sad when you know he is not. You see startling clarity at times  when he is watching things.

He reminded me of how hard it can be for people. He made me think. I am tired but must realize that the whole world is tired as well. We have friends family that are going through hardship. We need to think outside of our own struggles.

I am tired. My body aches. It is weird, but I get physically sick when I do worry about perceived or real troubles.

People are poor.  That statement is not really about material wealth, cash, but about the life. Sometimes its life, or lack of life that makes us poor.

Take heart, there are people out there that are not poor. They are rich in character. Rich in friends and outlook. Latch onto those people. Feed off their goodness and their richness.

Pass on that richness. Make someone smile. Make someone happy. Sometimes a kind gesture will do that. Enrich the lives of others and you will enrich your own life.

Sounds cliche and phoney. It's not.

I truly think that if we keep exercising our compassion and kindness we can make ourselves happy.


  1. Kids like to make that smushy mouth face all over I guess. My cousins,my grands, your family...everywhere.

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