Thursday, November 29, 2012

So I am a phoney.

I guess that happens. The transgressions of our past will always haunt us. If not, someone will make sure you are reminded that you are no good. They will rip you a "new one" and throw your shit in your face.

I know. That happens.

Sure I am a no good guy. I know that. No one needs to remind me. I did awful things. If you are going to list my sins, at least make a good long list.

What can you say when someone does that? You can be amused, or even angry. In my case I was sad.
I know how I am and how I don't feel good about myself. You can't make me feel bad about myself, because I know who I am, and I do not like what I see.

But hey at least you tried and you did your best. Now have a cup of coco.

As for me I will go along trying to work through my demons. I will never succeed but maybe one day I can look in the mirror and at least know I gave it on honest effort.

It's funny how people can only look at the bad side of things, of what you have done and that's all. Doesn't matter you have made effort of kindness and redemption.

"And fuck them if they can't take a joke."   :D

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