Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't fool around on an Indian Woman.

In our Reserve if you "fool" around on your wife or partner, you are in trouble.

You will suffer the consequences and deservedly so.

One night a bingo a woman scorned, walked in to the crowded hall and threw some shitty underwear on the table where another woman sat. The scorned woman said "You want to take my man? Well you take his shitty shorts and you wash them."

Another fellow had his car windows smashed up. All of his lights were busted out. The woman went crazy on the car. She went back into the house, got his clothes and cut them up. She was berserk. She was like dancing around. The neighbors just watched as it played out. They had seen this before. The couple re-engaged many times even wanting to get married. They finally went their separate ways.

Yep, you want to fool around on an Indian woman, you take your chances.

Never heard of anyone getting sliced though. The attacks usually are on the clothes or on the man's pride.

Some women are pretty nice about it, they will just throw his clothes all over the yard. The really really nice wants will actually put the clothes in a garbage bag out in the yard.


Of course these same women almost always take their man back.  :D


  1. LOL . Entering a she-warrior territory is dangerous!!! A good buddy of mine was forbidden his favourite past-time: drink’ and brawl. Once, coming back home under influence he feared a battleground but instead he was promised his favourite meaty dish. Lured into a walk-in –freezer he was then imprisoned there …He told us that he needed to beg for forgiveness for such a long time that when he finally sat down (shivering in the kitchen) he could not feel his very own frozen arse. And don’t’ ya mess with elderly ladies! In my homeland, Arizona three big and beautiful Elders were strolling on our market when a fellow tried to grab a bag from one of them. Astonished he was when not only did they beat a crap out of him, but also threw him to the ground and then s a t down on him waiting for supports…Remember guys , an Indian gal can kill you with one boob! Btw : Is “barbarian” still alive?

  2. Ha. :) To the freezer story too, which is pretty wild! That is actually about what I would expect to happen if somebody was dumb enough to try to grab an elderly lady's bag.

    I do remember one case that caused a lot of talk when I was just a kid, where one woman did end up shooting her husband right in the butt. She came home early and caught him in the act right in their own bed, grabbed a pistol out the nightstand, and that's what was sticking up! He didn't press charges or anything (probably knew better), and they actually stayed married after that. Even if I knew I was in the wrong there, I don't know if I'd want to keep living with somebody who shot me in the keister. :)

  3. I wouldn't want my dirty underwear being waved all over the place either. :D