Saturday, December 22, 2012

Killing Stephen Harper's

Killing Stephen Harper's Budget C-45 Omnibus Bill is not going to happen. The Senate passed the Bill this last week.
The  Budget Bill address's more things than what was normally found in a budget bill. Now you are getting a 457 page document that affects "64 different Acts and regulations". 

For Indian people this just might be the final insult to them.  Years of insults from a government and a country that is basking in the Land's riches can do that to a people. The Canadian people are reaping (and raping) the benefits of all the vast resources the land has. Land that is not theirs. So what are the Indigenous folk to do? Be standing by and let Canada tell the world that we Indians are getting "hand outs" and everything for free?

I don't think anyone in their right mind would stand for that. Trouble is, we have been at the end of a losing battle. Canada continues to play the game that they are in fact the good guys. We Indians are the bad guys. It is not the truth. Truth is that Canada knows it is doing wrong. They continue to use their laws to break the Indian.  Canada as a whole is not doing right by the Indian.

If Canada did right, it would acknowledge the fact that the Land was not theirs to begin with. Sure they have the deal (Treaties) with many Tribes but the deal is not followed. Canada did not negotiate for the resources. Canada did not get the Traditional Lands used by the Indians. Canada lies to the public about what the Treaties mean.

In any case if you really truly think about it, Canada knows it is not behaving honourably.

So what now. Canada's head is Prime Minister Stephen Harper. An individual with no conscience. He is going to further take more from the Indian. Harper and Canada continues with the Big Lie. The Big Lie is that Indians should sell their Land. This is suppose to give them some benefit and make them more "equal" with the rest of Canada. Truth is, Canada is living the lie. Canada is the one that has no right to sell the resources and the Land. They started cheating the Indians from contact and are continuing today. Look at the way they do it. With laws like the Natural Resources Transfer Act (NRTA). They gave the Land to the provinces. Just so they could get it away from the Indians. Plain and simple.  There are endless examples of the tactics used by Canada to dismantle the Indian. Bill C-45 is the latest example. I think Harper with his 'attitude' and comments is actually trying to goad the Indians into a war.

I hope that doesn't happen but it is an inevable conclusion. People are going to start realizing the Big Lie will never stop. Canada knows this. Canada has been preparing for this for a long time. CSIS is watching
CSIS is the Canadian spy agency. They are watching Indians. Indians that are speaking about the Big Lie.

Harper has stirred up the nest. The young are going to get busy.

They will soon realize the action of protests and education is not going to work on Harper. He is the voice of Canada. Canada speaks loud against the Indian. So what is an Indian to do? Become another FLQ? Thing is Indians are all about peace. So what will they do? Another Oka?

I really think Harper is wanting to eradicate the Indian once and for all. He will not care if it is done through policy, law or by the gun. In fact he would prefer the gun. This would give him the "rationale" to end the Treaty and Unceded land obligations.

Canada is going to have to deal with the fall out of Harper's actions to "kill the Indian".

Look at Chief Theresa Spence and her noble act of courage. Harper could give "two-shits" about whether she dies or not. He is not the type to listen to anyone. So how do you get a person to listen?  Or even worse have someone change their mind?

If someone put a gun to my head I would change my mind I bet.I don't know the answers to dealing with the type of hate that Harper has been showing towards Indians.  You know some people only respond to gunboat diplomacy. Don't know the answers to addressing the Harper's of the world, but someone does.

And I bet it is the young people and the women.

The past cannot be changed, the future is still in your power. ”
— Hugh White 


  1. It is scary to think that the only way to get Canada's attention that we mean business is to have another 'Oka'; 'Ipperwash'. My fear is that is what is going to happen. Chief Spence is only 'the peak' of the tip of the ice berg.
    I am sure CSIS has already tagged your blog, all Nish blogs for any type of 'anti-government/Harper' propaganda.
    Bring it on.

  2. I agree with many of your comments. I would like to add one more.
    I find Stephen Harper does not respect Canadian Natives. He uses everyone for his own gains.
    For example, I find it troubling that in June 2008, Harper made his Statement of Apology to Native Canadians for residential schools. And, there was a Federal election four months later in October 2008.
    Is this strategy for "quick wins" such as making apologies in legislature for historical wrongs acceptable by anyone, any time ?
    It is generally know, I think, that at election time, all political parties, both federal and provincial, go after the ethnic vote. But to deceive and pretend you have a heart, that you are sincere, that you are being truthful to those who have been subject to such cruelty in the past and the in the present, is disgraceful conduct for anyone. Especially Prime Minister Harper.