Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Not for Free Loading Indians"

WINNIPEG - The head of the Manitoba Progressive Conservative party's youth wing was ousted Friday after posting an admittedly racist comment about aboriginals on his Facebook page.
Braydon Mazurkiewich was upset about a planned urban reserve in Winnipeg when he wrote that the site, which sits on a former military base, was "built for hardworking men and women of the military, not freeloading Indians."
Mazurkiewich handed in his resignation and apologized for the comment, but maintained his opposition to the reserve in suburban Winnipeg.
"What I did write was racist and I do apologize for that," he said.
"But my feelings about the reserve going in ... I don't think that would fit well in that community at all. You know, you hear on reserves all the time, people are burning down their own homes. There are shootings and stabbings, and we don't need to bring more of that to Winnipeg."
Holy heck this is so fucking funny!  I laughed. This stupid young racist man, didn't have enough sense to keep his feelings to himself. By hey, he is going places. You will see this type of person is readily accepted in Canadian politics. He is a poster boy for what is really going on in Canada. You know Canada? The place of great moral regard for the world?

Canada is filled with a bunch of spoiled privileged white people; yes yuppies and hipsters.     They will stand up and condemn Israel, Palestine, Egypt, war torn Africa, and any other place that doesn't fit with their clean world.  Canada will condemn ever place in the Sun that they feel is not as good as old Canada. They want the leaders of those countries to respect and honour the Rights of their own people. Canada will send money, even send their warriors, police, engineers to go and make sure that the world is complying with their beliefs of respect and honour. I get that. That is a noble thing to do and strive for. Canada is indeed the moral Chief in the world.  Canada can say it believes in the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  That is awesome. Wonder why Canada, the superior moral Chief of the World voted against the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?

It is because of the fact that Canada does not like Indigenous People. Plain and simple. People believe and promote the idea that Indians in Canada are a bunch of Free Loaders and Indian Givers. We are looked at with disdain, contempt and pure hatred. No doubt about that. The young leader, Mazurkiewich is just a product of the hate that Canada has for Indigenous people.

The truth is that Canada, although they want to be the face of morality in the world, they are in fact two faced.  Canada has it real good. They have a sweet heart deal when it comes to the natural resources. They have it good when it comes to dealing with the Indigenous folk. They just keep stringing the Indians  along with the notion of "Rights Recognition". That is so funny. The Indians know they are screwed but they keep hoping that Canada will live up to its deal that was negotiated and signed. And where there is no deal, the Indians believe that Canada will leave their land alone or negotiate in good faith for the resources.

No such luck. Canada despises Indians. Indians are no good for nothing free loaders. "sigh". Its too bad that Canada doesn't realize how good they got it. They can play the good guy image all they want on the world stage, but behind the curtain, Canada is still what it is, a land of hate filled spoiled rich white people.

Sadly, they are the people that run the country. And why should Canada change? No reason to. They got it all. As long as they keep selling the "goods" about Indians receiving hand outs, people will not know that Canada is a cheat and dishonourable nation. There is no incentive to deal honestly with the Indigenous people in Canada (and the U.S., New Zealand, Australia).

Here is a quote from the movie the Grand Canyon;  in the scene a tow truck driver Simon is hooking up a car that has been broke down. The car owner is facing some bad gang guys Rocstar in the neighbourhood. The tow truck driver is trying to safely get the car owner out of the situation:

Simon: I've gotta ask you for a favor. Let me go my way here. This truck's my responsibility, and now that the car's hooked up to it, it's my responsibility too.
Rocstar: Do you think I'm stupid? Just answer that question first.
Simon: Look, I don't know nothing about you; you don't know nothing about me. I don't know if you're stupid, or some kind of genius. All I know is that I need to get out of here, and you got the gun. So I'm asking you, for the second time, let me go my way here.
Rocstar: I'm gonna grant you that favor, and I'm gonna expect you to remember it if we ever meet again. But tell me this, are you asking me as a sign of respect, or are you asking because I've got the gun?
Simon: Man, the world ain't supposed to work like this. I mean, maybe you don't know that yet. I'm supposed to be able to do my job without having to ask you if I can. That dude is supposed to be able to wait with his car without you ripping him off. Everything is supposed to be different than it is.
Rocstar: So what's your answer?
Simon: You ain't got the gun, we ain't having this conversation.
Rocstar: That's what I thought: no gun, no respect. That's why I always got the gun.

What does the quote tell you?  It tells you that no respect can come without a threat of force behind it. That is the reality of the situation around the world and in Canada.


  1. It's time to bulldoze the reserves and cut all the parasites off.