Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Something Is Amiss With Senate and Indians.

OTTAWA (November 14, 2012) Members of the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights will visit Western Canada November 19 - 23, 2012 as part of the committee’s ongoing study on the rights of First Nations people living off-reserve..

The committee’s study on rights of off-reserve First Nations people will touch upon a wide variety of topics and may include: demographics; health care; education; housing and mobility; income and employment; access to services and the role of friendship centres; representation by Aboriginal organizations; and participation in band decision-making.

Ginger Gosnell-Myers http://www.parl.gc.ca/Content/SEN/Com ... /ridr/press/14NOV12-e.htm

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You know that is quite an undertaking by the Senate Committee, going around listening to Indians talk about racism, with the twist being listening to only those living off-Reserve.

Wonder why that is happening?

What do you think?

Is it benevolent reasons? Does the government really care about the Indian population? The government does not want the urban Indian to be subject to racism?  Seems kind of weird don't it? I mean if you look at the actions, policies of this Canadian government (and many Provincial governments as well), it does not seem like they are very Indian friendly. As a matter of fact some of the policies are down right hostile to the Indian population.  

So if history has shown us that the government is not being fair or is really still trying to get rid of the Indian problem, than why the big show (Senate Committee)?

I'll tell you.

Canada is still pissed at the Indian. After all of these hundreds of years, those damn pesky Indians are still Indians. What the heck is up with that?  I mean the government made it clear that the Reserve thing was just a temporary holding pen for them. They were suppose to become good workers for all the new "real" Canadians that were coming into Canada. Canada never intended to keep the bargain of Treaties and Land deals, heck.  In fact the government made it so the Indian wouldn't survive: they made Indian prayer illegal, they made travel illegal for the Indian, hunting was illegal, fishing, selling products illegal, and being Indian illegal. Shit, Canada even started kidnapping kids and started to indoctrinate them into the Canadian cult. They brought in the cult masters; Catholics, Jesuits, Anglicans.  These masters did the best they could. Sure they got some of those damn little pesky Indians, but they just couldn't get them all. After all those Indians breed like rabbits or rats. Now the Indians are the fastest growing population out there in Canada land. Wha the heck is up with that. Don't they know they cost the government some of its hard earn cash (or ill gotten gain)?

I know eh?  Damn Indians, spoiling the plot for Canada. Canada was suppose to get rid of the Indians by now and have all the riches of the land to themselves. Instead those damn rotten Indians are still here. Still fighting for the riches of the country. Man, didn't Canada do its best to shake down those Indians over the Land?  And still those damn pesky Indians are there. And look some of them even have the nerve to have business. In the resource sector yet? Now they are taking over some of our great Canada cities. What the heck?

So it comes down to this, Canada couldn't kill the Indian way back when and more recently either. So lets have them do it for us. Have the Indians start killing themselves. How does Canada do that. Simple. Divide. Divide. It has worked very well in the past, (you know with the Status and non-Status thing, the enfranchisement thing, the kidnap thing, the indoctrination thing) and now it will work again. This time we use the urban to turn against the Reserve Indian, or vice versa. Its brilliant.

You know how it is going to be done? Easy. Just say that money for Indians will be split. Reserves will not get cash based on their overall population (never mind that the land and treaty claims are outstanding, this will distract them). Instead say the money for those urban Indians is based in the Transfer payments given to the provinces. Let the provinces deal with that monkey. The resulting cash crunch in the Reserve will have a quick and drastic consequence. Services will suffer in the community and the residents will only have the off Reserve to blame. Creating more conflict to keep the Indians busy fighting amongst themselves.

Ingenious  isn't it (or is it ingenuous, never can get the two mixed up)? Not sure if this is the reason for the Senate Committee on Human Rights, but what a good outcome for Canada, don't you think? 


  1. Thanks for the post. You always have me thinking. Great strategy, unless Urban guys like me decide to move back to 'the rez.'
    It is a choice of mine to live off reserve. Why the gov't would want to stir up the pot to make it look like I am not getting my fair share is ludicrous. Those charlatans, as you say are looking for a way to conquer and divide.
    Thanks for your posts. Stimulating

  2. At our community we are having that debate regarding on and off reserve members. it becomes more and more of an issue around our election time. i feel that we are part of the community regardless.