Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank You... White People

Thank you. You know who you are.

I was at a Ceremony tonight for a relative and a friend of mine. The Ceremony took place in the Winnipeg Health Science Centre.    It made me think about how good it is to be an Indian. It was a sad occasion, but also one of hope, kindness and sharing. People came to support a relative, Ndinawemaaganag (our relatives).
Pipes along with Bundles were brought out. The people prayed.

I was thinking, wasn't it good that in this big building of doctors, nurses, patients, that there was a place that Indians could go and pray. Not just a chapel, but a place that welcomed the Pipe, the Sage, the Bundles, the Drum.
Isn't that neat?

There are White people out there I want to thank.

The guy that got upset and outraged when a Indian person is harassed eating at McDonalds restaurant. Thank you to that woman who gave a friendly smile to my parents as they went about their business in the local store.
Thank you that family that made rocks/Grandfathers available to anyone who needed to pick them for the Sweat Lodge Ceremony.
Thank you to that Police Officer that was actually polite to that Indian guy.
Thank you to that teacher who spent an extra few minutes to help that boy/girl with their reading.
Thank you to the faceless beaucracy that made it possible to hold a Ceremony in a non-traditional environment.
Thank you to all those of you who stood and stand with the Indian people in protecting the Earth.
Thank you to all those that help out when no one else will.
Thank you for not judging Indian people based on misinformation and bigotry.
Thank you for showing that you are indeed kind.
Thank you for not following the masses in discriminating against us.
Thank you for fighting bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, mysogyny and all those other bad isms. 

I do mean thank you. And for real

As they say "I mean that from a good spot in my heart". 


  1. Thank you from me to all of you

  2. Hi Steve:
    Update on the bully. He has turned himself into the police in Dryden Ontario. You can find the story in this link:


  3. I feel bad for that guy that was assaulted. Too bad. I kind of feel bad for the young man in some way as well. The internet will not forget.