Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two Penquins Cruise On Carnvial Glory Ship

I briefly met a couple of Women on the Carnival Cruise Ship Glory this past week. My wife is always trying to get me out of the dark space. So this year she and my girl Chloe gave me a trip for Christmas. Last year she took me to Cuba. So this year we went on a trip with the Carnival Cruise Lines. You would be surprised how affordable going on a ship is.  Anyway on the Ship I walked around alot, I mean quite a bit. I am not much for sitting around the pool or gambling on the ship. So I people watch. On occasion I talk to them. On the ship I saw all sorts of people. People having a great time. People eating, drinking, dancing and laughing. It sure looked like fun. I noticed this young woman, with a tattoo of two Penguins on her arm. It got me interested. I thought "that is a cute tattoo, I wonder what the story is behind that tattoo?"  I think people with tattoos have some reason behind them. At least I like to think so.

So I saw this lady with the two Penguins on her right shoulder (tattoo) walking up on the Lido deck (the area around the swimming pool, usually on the top of the ship). I stalked her out. I watched her go and sit down with a couple of other women. I approached from her blind side, and then I made my way to her table. I went up to her and her two friends and asked if I could interrupt them. I apologized and asked her about her tattoo. She was kind of quiet for a split second, trying to see if I was just being a creepy old man. But her face smiled. She went on to tell me it was a tattoo to commemorate her wedding. She introduced to me to her spouse. She was a beautiful young woman from Connecticut. The happiness in their faces was uplifting and I was glad to be such a noisy bugger. I asked them, where did the idea of the penguin come from and who came up wit the idea. The two young women had matching tattoos of the penguins on their shoulders. They said that it was from  a plate design and that they felt it was ideal as penguins are one of the Creatures that mate for life. That was pretty cool little story. I wish I could have sat and visited for longer but I interrupted into their lives long enough.
Penguins For Life

My wife and daughter were not sure about getting me the trip as a gift. They know I don't like surprises or going on trips. Although I make a big deal of it, it is all an act. The thought of doing stuff makes me feel uneasy, worried, and freaked out. So I made a great effort to appreciate the gift. I worked hard at showing my family that I am happy for their kindness. I mean most people would wish for a trip, right?  I guess it is how my mind works.
standing in a piano bar like I own it

putting the moves on my wife

The trip was fun. I went out of my comfort zone and did things to make my family laugh. Challenge myself to do stuff. Instead of staying in my room and watching television. Although there was a pretty good movie playing over and over on the tube; Hunger Games.  I want to go out and get this movie. It is about this young woman in a post war era...

Great Art

Painting of the Greatest

Standing up at the Art Auction
On the ship there are things to do. I went out and watched the entertainment that was on hand. I flirted with the Ukrainian serving staff. I teased the waiters from the Philippines. I went to an art auction. You know where you get to sit in posh leather chairs and get offered Champagne. I sang karoke in a night club. I bantered in a club with a singer. Crashed a private function and went on stage dancing the conga. I did it all.
art sales

my patented gang sign

baby girls

my girl

she can't take me anywhere

Old San Juan

The girls

St Thomas outing

Night show

I own this place

gang signs
 On the ship you can listen to music all the time. Eat all the time. Visit all the time. The crew are people from all over the world. Many of the working staff only get paid from your tips. I guess that is how the cruise industry works. Hire at very low wages  and from areas of the world where the people would leave their homes, their family, their lives for months at a time. To work every single day and for 14 to 16 hours a day. Wow, that is a commitment for sure. Wonder what if any benefits are there?
I try to talk to as much staff as I could. It is their job to be friendly. So I wonder how many of the workers get the same old questions: how much do you make, where you from, do you have family, do you get lonesome, do you get to see the ports? Man it must get quite tiring to hear the complaints from the 'rich' tourists. Funny many of the passengers I saw where WT's. You know, White Trash. Not saying it in a negatively put down way, but more of a classification :D.  Lot of people that are getting an escape from their lives of the grind. You know?  Working stiffs that want to indulge. Like my wife. She is a hard working woman who supports me and our family. She wants to enjoy her life. Pay all year for a trip and then on to the next year. Sure why not? Why wait until you are too feeble to walk and then travel? I saw that on the ship as well. Many of the Elderly were ailing; crutches, oxygen tanks, walkers, motorized chairs and the obese having a heck of a time walking.
night entertainment

Anyway, we went to Miami, spent the night there at the La Quinta hotel. We took a trip to Coconut Grove in the evening. The lady at the desk told us to stay away from downtown. The Heat were playing and there was an out door concert going on. She said "you can't pay me to go down there, too much people, the music pounding..." She decided for us to go to a quieter place, the Coconut Grove.  The next morning we took a shuttle to the port of Miami. You know that show CSI Miami. The opening scene where "H" is driving a Hummer down the road. That is the road to the Pier, where all the ships dock.
Our Cruise trip included, the Bahamas, San Juan and St. Thomas. Grand Turks was on the trip but got canceled. I guess people were getting sick after they went on that shore. So it just made our port stays at the other islands last longer.

So I am happy for my wife that she likes to travel and likes to take our daughter. I am fortunate and glad they made me go with them. I did like their company. Even if I embarrassed the heck out of them. 

Hey they knew what they were getting into when they took me along for the ride.

I do recommend in your lifetime, if you can take a Eastern Cruise. It is worth it.

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