Sunday, April 7, 2013

Call for help for Circle of Life Gathering June 25, 26, 2013

April 7, 2013

Aaniin, Booshoo, Ndinawemaaganag

Hello Relatives, Good and Kind People.
Re: Circle of Life Gathering: “Keep Them Alive”
Well this year is going to be the final year of the Thunderbird House Circle of Life Gathering: Survivors of Suicide. We have hosted the Gathering three years and this will be the fourth. The response and help from you has been incredible. The Gathering could not have happened without your guidance, your help, your participation and your generous spirit. Thank you.
We have been slow in planning and looking for your help with the Gathering this year. We have set the dates of the Gathering for June 25 and 26, 2013, Thunderbird House, 713 Main Street Winnipeg Mb. Time is important in ensuring we get the message out. As in the years past, we have a theme for the Gathering. Our intent is to let people know that we care; you are not alone in your grief for someone who has died as a result of suicide.  Our themes have been: Survivors of Suicide-Honouring Our Loved Ones: Life After Addictions and Suicide; Healing Our Grief.  This year we want to focus on Prevention of Suicide and to always remember our friends and family that have passed on from suicide.  We have chosen the theme of Keep Them Alive. This is for both our friends that are here and for those that have passed on. We want to remember our loved ones and to address the message of prevention.
Please know that this is not “our” Gathering. It is an open gathering and the intent is to have many people help, participate and attend. It is an opportunity to share, to bond, to reminisce and help each other. It is not about any single person managing an event. We want you to take it, to own it, to be active in it. We send out invitations seeking your help, your guidance and your participation. It is about spreading kindness, looking for help, and perhaps some Healing.
This year we are desperately asking someone, anyone, be it an individual, a community, a group or an agency to take on the challenges of hosting the first day. The first day is to focus on prevention. To plan an agenda, complete with refreshments and lunch to filling the day with resources of Speakers that are knowledgeable in the field of Suicide Prevention. Please let us know as soon as you can. It is important that we hear from you. It is a big task, we know. We have confidence that someone out there is able to meet that challenge and help complete the Gathering.
The final day of the Gathering is aimed at remembering our Loved Ones. It is the opportunity to come and remember, share stories of the one you never want to forget. Let us remember them with you. We will host a Give-Away Ceremony for all those that have come out and joined the Gathering. We want to take time to remember Loved Ones and to say Thank You to all of you that made the Gathering happen. There a lot you. We appreciate all you have done. Whether it was donating cash, food, talents, gifts, your time, your presentations, your knowledge, your experience and your good wishes, we thank you for that contribution. Much of you made the Gathering happen with your kind words, letting others know of the Gathering taking place at Thunderbird House. Let’s do that again.
A partial list of our supporters:  Peter Kinew, Cathy Kinew Wab Kinew, Sally McDonald, Ron McDonald, Jules Lavalle, Margaret Lavalle, Chickadee Richards, Cheryl James, Betty Laschuk,  Marcheta Tanner, Allie Turnock, Stephanie Eyolfson, Chrissy Gauthier, Rose Thomas, Albert Mcloed, Judge Murry Sinclair, Elder Dave Courchene Jr., Don Courchene, Harold Fontaine, Sasha Marshall, Chris Beach, Percy Tuesday, Oliver Boulette, Laura Sanderson, Kirk Guimond, Ken Courchene, Bernice Fontaine, North End Woman’s Centre, West Region Tribal Council, New Directions, CTV News, APTN, Mb Hydro, Native Addictions Council of Manitoba, Sagkeeng First Nation, Albert Mcleod, Billie Schibler, Mitch Bourbonnier, David Blacksmith, Sherryl Blacksmith, Frank Daniels, Chantelle Daniels, Ernest Daniels Sr., Ernest Daniels Jr., Roger Greene, Theo Fluery, George Chuvalo, Barb Nicole, Susan Courchene, April Kakapetum, Annette Dugas, Bob Dugas, Lauran Dugas, Leslie Dugas, Arlene Patzer, Al Spence, Rita Spence, J. T. Tuner, Larry Penner, Penner Oil, Munroe Construction, Mb Public Insurance (MPI), David & Sheryl Blacksmith: Edwin Twoheart: Corrine Kennedy: Arlene Patzer: Al & Rita Spence: Annette & Lauran & Leslie Dugas: Susan Courchene: Barb Nicole: April Kakapetum: Cheryl James: Teekcas Aboriginal Boutique, Native Addictions Council of Manitoba, Don Courchene, Peter Kinew, Steve Courchene, Larry Solider, Larry Penner, Sally & Ron McDonald: Mitch Boubennier Denise Everett,  Heather Dobson, Connie Buck: Margaret and Jules Lavalle, Jessica Burton, Compassionate Friends of Winnipeg, Chickadee Richards, Stephanie Eyolfson, Nation Talk, CTV News, Bertha Fontaine, Barry Fontaine, Brian Mcleod, Jeff Brightnose, Perry Fontaine, Ron Linklater, Jessica Burton, Klinic, Gwen Gosek, Jeanette Mecas, Mary Werba, Eugene Blackbird, the Cultural Advisor for West Region Child & Family, Monique Lambert, Chris Cassels of New Directions, Mike Pierre, Janice Green, Germaine Camerons, Jennifer Wood, Paul Daniels, Earl Morrisseau, Kit Perrick, Dave’s Furniture, Pine Falls Pharmacy, Cora Morgan Shirley Simard, ARBOC, Larry Solider, Edwin Twoheart: Corrine Kennedy, Teekcas Aboriginal Boutique Hedie L. Epp, Fermand Simard,
We are sorry we have not listed everyone, there are so many of you.
We hope to hear from you soon. We will be looking for your help in planning, logistics, donations solicitation, marketing, volunteers, and all other aspects related to the Gathering. Please contact us to be part of the planning, we appreciate your assistance. Please forward to all your friends, family, communities, groups, organizations and contacts. Planning sessions to take place at Thunderbird House.




  1. Tansi

    Such wonderful and important work.

    We maybe in the region on the tour.
    Sending blessings!

    "Until all of us are free, the few who think they are, remain tainted with enslavement."

  2. That is great, thank you for the comment. It is a free event, and put on by volunteers. Lots of help is good.