Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Precious Life. Boston Marathon.

Our world has again been disrupted with fear, anger, hurt and sadness. At the Boston Marathon yesterday, two bombs exploded. An eight year old boy was killed. There were others killed and many many injured.
I think if you really want someone to hate you, explode a bomb, kill people and injure many. That is what I think. Can anyone defend killing random people. I guess it happens all the time all over the world. I get that.

I guess we see it as far away. The world is small these days. We are affected. We cannot bury our heads in the sand. Life is precious no matter where it is. It is precious for the little boy who was killed in a bomb explosion? What did he do to be killed? Nothing. That's the thing isn't it. What does anyone do to get killed like that?  Drone bombs, car bombs, shellings, you name it, it happens almost daily, in a world far away. But it's not far away.

Life is precious. Who's is more precious? That is what it seems to come down to. People are dying all over for many different reasons. Whether or not those reasons are valid. I don't believe there can be justification or validity in those actions.

In the midst of death there is life. Life is precious. I will still hold on to the belief that we can be kind to each other. Its just hard right now not to embrace the anger, hurt and sadness of it all.

Comforting that precious life 

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  1. Life is not precious for religious fanatics who want to « rule the world ».One of the authors of this tragedy e-mailed his friends: “LOL “after people lost their lives, limbs, loved ones; at the very moment Jeff Bauman’s father was learning from drastic photos that his son’s legs were destroyed by the explosion –just imagine seeing your kid in this state…
    Why is enemy (self-proclaimed) allowed to laugh in our faces? Well, politicians bring these folks here, grant them privileges, making them profit from tax-payers’ money , let the predators spread their wings…Politicians,not people who have enough crap and not enough food on their plate. Unemployment, homelessness, shity health care, no perspectives for kids, debts…who wants as a “fringe benefit” some hate fuelled “neighbours” who try to impose their insane supremacy? Who in his right mind can grant status of refugee to a person who claims to escape from a system (notice system=religion )but who wants to impose it in your country…And somehow we always hear about “freeloading Indians” even if we witness one more time toxic waste being spread on our land…