Thursday, April 25, 2013

Met a Messenger from God Today.

"What if God was one of us?"

Interesting day for me. I wasn't feeling too good. That happens. So I figured I would go over to Thunderbird House.  Just felt like seeing anyone that might make a difference in my day. Anyway, at the house there was this old white gentleman getting to the doorway just ahead of me. So he went in and I followed. He was directed to the office to see Sasha, the Director of Thunderbird House. I took a pit stop and went go pee. When I finished, I went over to the office to see Sasha, the old man was standing there talking to her. I didn't want to intrude, but I went see anyways. I'm noisy like that or as some say a "paachack" (not really a good word, you know like Homer Simpson when he barges into a room pushing people out of the way and says out of my way I got here late", like that). Oh yeah, the old man said something about the big "chief" and so I asked which Reserve? The old man looked at me and said "I am a messenger". "You won't want to talk to me as I am a messenger from God". Yoohoo (Yoho is something the old people say in the Reserve when they are listening to someone, by the tone of the yoho, it is either and interesting story or someone telling a bullshit story). Sasha was very polite and took his phone number and she would pass on his number.

I did tell the old man I would listen to him. So we went into the Elder's room (a room for the Elder's that use the room at Thunderbird House, really its a small room with a small couch in it, nice, comfy). He sat on the couch and I sat in a folding chair. We sat and he told me his story.

His brother had passed away some time ago. I guess his brother was 70. Anyway, his brother came to visit him one night. The old man, Tony is his name, asked his brother how he was doing. His brother said he was "fine and I am here". Tony said his brother came to him and was about 25 years old. He said that was the age that his brother chose to come see him as. Tony said, "you see, people think our loved ones go to hell or somewhere, or that they are beneath the ground, but that's not it". "They are everywhere, they are here and they are fine". "Creator, God or whatever people call him (Tony used the male reference in speaking about God) is here. You see, God made everything, even himself. So if he made everything, he is everywhere, in you and in me. So what does God look like? He looks like you!  He looks like me. He looks like all of us. God made everything. So he made dogs (animals, trees, other things)  to beautify the Earth. How does a dog know he is a dog?  How do you know who you are? That is the important thing. You must know who you are."  " People have choice".  "They can believe or not believe. "  "I want to help that Indian girl". "I want her to know her daughter is here and she is fine". "She is not up on that hill".  Tony was referring to Tanya Nepinak. Tanya went missing and is believed murdered and her remains are up in the land fill of the City of Winnipeg. A brief and small search did not find her. It was a gesture search by the police and government. Promise of finding her was not good. So a small area was looked at.

Tony asked me if I would tell people what he said, and I said yes. He said I made him very happy. Actually Tony me feel different, not happy but more reflective of the days.  I was feeling sad and he put things in a new perspective. Tony said "if God Creator made everything and made you, than you are part of God, so when you pray, how you going to pray? You just talk, after all God is right there with you". "That Pope, those priests are not any closer to God than you are". Tony told me stories of people that come see him. People that have passed on. He told stories of what went on and how they looked. That each of them could chose a time of how they looked but did not go past the age of when they died. Tony an old guy also said about Gay people, God doesn't be bothered about that.

It was interesting. If he didn't talk about being a messenger of God or seeing dead people, how would his message have been taken?

I have no reason not to believe him. What did he gain by coming over to the North End of Winnipeg and tell his story?

You know there is a cop out answer I could give, "I believe that he believes what he says is true."  Now what the heck does that mean? I means I don't have the guts to say whether or not I think he's crazy.

So I don't have any reason to think he is crazy. He sees dead people.  I wish I could (well not all of them and not if they're all decaying and stuff like in the movie, American Werewolf in London.)

I too am a messenger, just not able to talk to the big Chief. Or maybe I do talk to him/her, its just that I don't hear too good.

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