Saturday, December 28, 2013

Regrets... guess everyone has em'.

Night time is a lonely time. Thoughts can be overwhelming when you are trying to sleep.

For me, it is a time when the regrets of life coming flooding into my head and there is no way to turn it off.

I wonder if its like that for everyone?  I don't remember what its like not to have regrets.  I wish I could have do this, been better at that, behaved better or treated this person better. My regrets focus on my actions or lack of action I guess?

In the big scheme of things I wonder how the big CEO's can manage? How they can justify to their family about the destruction their company is doing?  The oil, mining, ocean and forest industries?  How their actions kill the Earth?

For me its the individual things that I struggle with. I guess its that time of year. New year and all that. We want to have a fresh start. Do we really have a fresh start?

I mean like when you want to be a kinder person and this one day a guy makes you mad and you do get mad. Does that mean all the kindness you had been dong is gone? Does it mean you have to start all over again trying to be that person that is kind? To be able to say or actually feel like you are a kind person now?

Like the christians in their "back sliding" deal? ("To revert to sin or wrongdoing, especially in religious practice.")You know if you sway from the bible a little bit?  Is it like that?

Regrets, man they can sure mess you up.

Well I hope your regrets are few and you live a good life. What good life means for you, that is.



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