Monday, January 6, 2014

It's time to bulldoze the reserves and cut all the parasites off.

"It's time to bulldoze the reserves and cut all the parasites off." Anonymous.

Just got this posted on my blog. It was on the Not For Free Loading Indians post.

Doesn't upset me at all actually. I have gotten a few posts that can be categorized as ignorant. That is the thing isn't it? Many people are truly ignorant of the facts, the history and the situation that Indian people are living through. There are many good people out there that don't understand the realities of a situation. And those people, you can have a engaging discourse with. Of course there are some people that are just angry or just full of hate. No amount of education or reasoning will be beneficial to these people.

So the Reserves and the Indians.  The truth of the matter is a binding deal was made. A deal was made with the Indians by various other Nations.  The deals were oral and written. Remarkably the oral portion of the "negotiations" never made it into the deal, despite the fact historical letters/documentations speak of the oral negotiations. So what is left is a written draft deal made prior to negotiations as the document of a binding agreement. So be it. However, the thing is, even that deal is not honoured. Many people believe that it is old and doesn't exist anymore.  Funny logic. Anyway, the deal is (there were many deals but lets generalize) this: you can hang out here and even enjoy some of the land, BUT Indians have use of the land, no resources are part of the deal except for maybe a small piece of the top soil. So the Indians are to be paid rent, in the form of gifts, Rights for in perpetuity, and the new comers get to hang out. Simple.

It is quite simple really. You rent a home, you pay or you leave. If not you are simply a squatter. A person illegally living on someone else property. Get it?

Anyway, the bulldoze the Reserve thing. Cut off the parasite thing. What a mindset, don' t you think?

I mean really, why think like that?  I bet these are the same types that want to deport everyone that is not from a White European country.

I would feel bad for these kind of people. You know the type who are inbreed, uncultured, stupid stupid, racist, homophobic fools. They can't help it. They are what they are, no amount of reasoning or enlightenment is going to help them. So I can't feel bad for them. Just feel nothing for them. They don't deserve our energy.
Had to say stupid twice. You know how it is.
Sorry for the post, intended to debate the topic, but ah, what the heck, just didn't think it was of any use.

Just for your information: bulldozing an Aboriginal community did in fact occur in Manitoba Canada. Fox Lake First Nation up in northern Manitoba.

Here is the story link:


  1. This person is probably on the Prime Ministers Canadian/Harper Government policy commission cause it sure sounds like his opinion.

  2. So the comments are coming from a section 92 citizen of Canada. Indians and Metis are section 91 citizens. Our right to vote was removed with this move and it created a trust with Canada. The trust included the rights of section 92 citizens but the budgets were reduced by 33% and Indians paid for their services with "Indian Monies" before section 92 funding kicked in. Lawyers and judges including Supreme Court Justices are not up to speed on matters Indian today January 6, 2014. So, whoever this guys is, he is at the bottom of the heap of ignorance.

  3. Ridiculous comment! Does this person mean bulldoze the reserves and get all of our land back? Is that what is being said?

  4. Bulldozing an Aboriginal community did really happen in Manitoba Canada. Fox Lake First Nation was demolished by Manitoba. A very small community situated in Northern Manitoba. Flooded out due to "clean "hydro electric dams. The people were invited to a meeting in the town, and while there, the bulldozers came and did their damage. So yes it did happen.

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  6. Wow! Do you have an article to share on this Steve?

  7. the link is a pdf on the net that Fox lake has put up on the bulldozing of their community. They were considered "squatters" on their own land, wild eh?