Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Everyone can master a grief... but he that has it."

Everyone can master a grief,
But he that has it.
William Shakespeare

Winnipeg Compassionate Friends sends out newsletters every few months. This quote by William Shakespeare was in the news letter. It caught my eye and holds meaning for me. I guess because it is true.

This year we are not going to be hosting a Circle of Life Gathering for Survivors of Suicide. We did it for four years and have no plans to go on. We were hoping that out of the Gathering someone would host gatherings of support in their community or in the city. Perhaps people are doing it, I don't know.
I think the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre in Winnipeg, might be interested. I think Rose Marsden over there is a very good person and might consider hosting an event.

I am so glad to have gotten to know Compassionate Friends. This is a good group of people that are there because they know the grief. Simply put, they are parents who have lost a child. I think some or our communities could benefit from with having a support group like compassionate friends. 

 Have been struggling with life these past months. Everynight I am visited by overwhelming regret and sadness. It is the funny thing about depression. It is not strictly a sadness thing. Hopelessness is one thing, but the other is defeat. Feeling like  you are defeated is not a good way to be. That is the darkness that screws over your nights and your alone time. 

Been volunteering at a couple of places and really pretending the clown act as the days move into years. Not one day goes by without winning over the dread of defeat. Weird eh?

Am kind of low these days. The wife is good though, always watching me and supporting me. Many times I think I have her fooled but I think she knows. 

Be good people. Try to take the Teachings and make them more than words or wall slogans, make them into action. 

One of the Teachings my Mom always gave to us, is to feed people. Feed people. So that is what we should do. Feed people. 


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