Monday, March 16, 2015

Is this a sign? A sign of Racism? Or of pride?

Proud Soldier or Proud Racist?

A few years ago I saw a truck in Montana that had a similar slogan on the back of their truck, only it was aimed at Obama and "Obama-Care".  I took a picture of it as well. This truck was in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.  I wanted my friend sitting next to me to give this guy the finger, but that would be juvenile. In addtion his little blue bumper sticker said something about guns and well, its not the states but you never know about people. He was a soilder after all, or else he would not have been given a veteran plate.

If you can't read the signage it states:  "If you can read this in English, Thank a soldier.If you cannot read this in English, or will not speak English, get out of the country.  I am Canadian and proud of it."
The little blue bumper sticker reads: "guns have two enemies - rust and politicians".

So a number of things came to mind when I was behind this truck this morning. First one, "holy shit, what a dirt bag".  Second one, "Who is this guy?"  My friend sitting in the truck beside me said "takes a lot of guts to put that out in the open.".

I think it takes a lot of hate to put it out there. So much hate that you don't think anyone else matters. This is racism if you didn't already know. What does it say about the French, the Hindu, the Spanish, the German, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Romanians, and of course the Indigenous folk?
America; you got to love it.

So you don't think this is racist?

Let's see. He assumes that everyone should be White, afterall isn't English a perdominately White spoken tongue?  What does he think Canada is made up of, just for English speaking people?  Sure English is the spoken 'trade' language but Chinese has the most speakers. There are even more people speaking Spanish as a first language then English.  I wonder where this guy wants the Cree and Inuit speakers to go?  I think there are something like 300 Indigenous languages in the U.S. and Canada.  Where do they go if they have to get out?

The American sign is tamer than the Canadian one, surprisingly.

Thank a soldier definetly, but not for being a racist.

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  1. Many people in the US speak English, in schools, universities, hospitals, except where interpreters are needed. I believe this has nothing to do with our Indigenous language or the Chinese, Japanese language. I believe it is mainly geared to the Somalians who have infiltrated the US and refuse to assimilate and openly do not wish to change to western standards. They will harass whoever they do not like in the south side of Minneapolis who get into their way, whether it be people from other dominate ethnic cultures. They clash with the hispanics, the Blacks, the Hindus, anyone who does not bow to their "Allah". They have over taken the whole south side, and are now in Fargo, Dearborn, Michigan, and some small pockets in Minnesota. Think of the "No Go Zones" in Europe, these may be coming to the US, and eventually to Canada. I've met many Somalians, they cannot look you in the eye, because we are the infidels, and someday we must die or serve their "Allah".