Sunday, April 26, 2015

Treaty Medal Image: More Than A Chiefs Trinket.

Southern Chiefs Organization Mural
United States Peace Medal

Why is the "Treay Medal" image important or significant?

The Southern Chiefs Organization had a few momentos made and one was a key change with the Treaty medal image on it.  A pretty nice little item. Some people did not like the idea. One woman said "I wouldn't have anything with the Queen on it".  Interesting sentiment. I know many people are not happy with the British Monarch.  It must be related to all that colonialism associated with the British Crown.  For me it is not about the Queen or the Monarch.

I was thinking about the Treaties the other day. Actually, I believe Indians think a great deal about the Treaties and the lack of respect given to them, by both the governments and by Indian people themselves. So I think it is part of our consciousness  and part of our view on how the Government fails with dealing with Natives.

There are a number of Native Lobby entities in Canada and Manitoba. Many of these lobby groups are trying to get the Government to live up to the Treaty negotiations.  Some of the Bands (Tribes in U.S. vernacular) not under Treaty signatory don't like the Treaties or the Treaty Bands. So they refuse to join lobby groups that try and push forth the Treaty obligations.  Their argument is that the Treaty does not benefit them as a group.  I understand that, but I think their reasoning is wrong. Also its kind of stupid. Having a united voice is always louder than one single voice, but that's another topic. 

Peace Medal that is insulting.
You see the image of the Treaty medals is significant for ALL Native Bands. Not necessarily the Treaty Title or the medals; but what the image means.  What do you see when you look at that image?  This is what I see; I see two Nations. Two separate Nations. Two Nations on equal footing coming to an understanding. Two Nations that both recognize each other. The foundation of the Treaty means that the Monarch (representatives) recognized the authority, the autonomy, the Rights, of the Native Nations. That is what I see. All those non-Treaty Bands have their relationship built on the fact that they are recognized as a Nation. That is what the image is. So regardless if you are Treaty Band or not the image is very significant. The "Spirit and Intent" of the Treaty is that Two Nations came together.The deal made is another issue. One where the Monarch and the preceding and current governments have not lived up to.

In the U.S. the Treaty deals have not meant to much to those governments as they have broken every single Treaty over there. Same here as well.

In any case I really like those medals or the image. I think our Nations should have the image on our community Flags. To put in their face (Canada) that "hey, you bastards, you see us? We are a Nation.".

So get the image tattoo on your chest.  Or put it on your flag. Or go get a key chain from Southern Chiefs Organization.

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