Monday, May 11, 2015

When You Lose Respect For Your Hero

The Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has gotten his party of Ministers to vote for Bill c-51. The bill is going to be an attack on everyone that stands against the government and big money. "when implemented, Bill C-51 would mean broad and significant changes to national security measures." It is quite clear that Mr. Trudeau has fallen as the hero to moderate and liberal voters.  I don't blame them at all. The Bill is an attack on everyone who does not want to become herd sheep. But I think the gate on the pen has been closed for a long time. We think we are free because we can stick our hands and legs through the fence wire. The funny thing is we are already herded into a pen by the government and the Money. They are the ones who build the fence and we just walk in with our eyes open. Its funny because we actually think our votes matter. What joke on us. The Canadian (and U.S.) democracy is a flawed system that is in the control of Money. We all know it but hey if it makes us feel better to think we have say, well good on us. Trudeau was being shown off as the next "cool" guy leader. Turns out he is just part of a system that is all smoke and mirrors. Trudeau is a person that you could lose respect for even before he has any power. And get this, he is not even the offical opposition to the government. Yet the media treats him like he is next in power. Weird eh?

I don't believe that any one politician has earned my respect.  So there is no hero worship that I can recall. Although Obama is pretty high up there in terms of getting close to hero as can be, in this system geared for the rich. For me it is the close to home loss of a hero I feel bad for. I mean there are some people that we know are good folk but some how or for some reason they fall from grace. I think lot of people fall from grace. If we want examples all we have to do is look at the famous people that have come crashing down; they must have been someone's hero, you would think?

Look at Bill Cosby, man that guy was THE hero to many many people.  I liked his sitcoms and his stand up, but I was not a fan of his arrogance interviewing style. But look at him now. He is a pariah.  A hero no more. Mad Max, Michael Wallace hero Mel Gibson is a bully a drunk and a anti-semite.  Guess he fell as a hero to many people. If he wasn't your hero many people lost respect for him. Now Oscar Psitorius was a hero for sure. Overcoming no feet to become a National hero or international hero, only to fall from grace for killing his girlfriend. Take Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi. Go figure how we could lose respect for him?  Well the list goes on and on. Lot of people out there doing bad stuff. Falling from hero status to a lowly schmo.

How does that affect us personally, emotionally? Not sure if hero worshipping a celebrity, sports figure, poltician, scientist, ect., can damage us? But maybe it can; if we are emotionally invested in those heroes.

For me its the lose of respect for our local or our personal heroes; this is what hurts the most.  The ones we feel are our guidance, our Teachers, our friends, that can cause the most pain. Why do we feel pain when we lose respect for someone?

Me, I think its because we think of them as all that we imagine a hero to be. Be good kind strong, of having integrity. So when they do something that is normal, like behaving petty or jealous or vindictive, then we are hurt. I just lost respect for someone I hold in high regard. That person was my friend, my Teacher and a trusted confidant.  Its weird how that goes, losing respect. You become angry. But the anger is not based  on what they did but what they lost in our eyes. I guess its not fair to put them on a higher plane than yourself and other people. We do that with people, with heroes. We put them as being better. So when they fail. They break our image of what they stood for. And that is the shame. It is not that they are any lower than us, but it is because they are the same. They make the same mistakes. They can be hateful, stupid and petty as us. That is their crime. And it is our as well because it is not their fault we made them our heroes.

So that is going to happen. We will indeed lose respect now and then for our heroes.

The great news is - we can always find new heroes.

Russell Means ~ An American Hero Remembered

"The one thing I've always maintained is that I'm an American Indian. I'm not politically correct. Everyone who's born in the Western Hemisphere is a Native American. We are all Native Americans."

P.S. I never really liked Pierre Trudeau. (Justin's Dad and former Prime Minister of Canada) He was a true bastard.

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