Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jo-Wolf Clan: I Hear You Babe.

and u get mad at us when we don't want this kinda of shit here....cuz we dont want raping to earth .... no to all pipelines...mining... fracking... logging .... and sell outs...and there lil puppet(apple) pacifists groupies that are every where now ......!!! love the lands waters and re connect to who we are ppls u r ur nations ....

 hell yeah.....! a Chilean brother speaks truth and no one can handle his words .... bunch fake ppl who are all pacified get all offended ...and you all hate ur own ppl who stand up here at home ...whats wrong with u apples and sell outs and pacifist im sick of all ur bs fear !!! and you even ignore the truth that oil spill kills u all want funding and believe in the lie resource sharing crap that these sell out chiefs are filling u with there lies !!! nothing but greed ...cant u see it . ....glad this man has balls to speak truth it goes for kkkanada .....harper is a freak ....trans kkkanda is his legacy ....shame on you harper and all industry ...and to the pacifist..... shame on you too ...

I have this friend that is a self-described warrior. Only thing is, She is more than that, she is an Ogichidaa.  Jo-Wolf is a woman that has taken up the fight for the Earth and for the Indigenous people.  She does it in ways that many of us do not. She is willing to stand up in the middle of the street and shout to the heavens, "Stop raping the Earth!"   It is a scary thing to do. To put yourself up for condemnation by both the corporate world and our own.  There are many Jo-Wolf Clans out there. All speaking up, standing up for causes. Some we agree with and some we don't. Some we agree with how they do it and some we don't agree with how they do it.

I saw this video of these people, sleeping on ropes on the side of an oil tanker. They are shouting to the heavens about how big corporations are going to damage the Earth with digging big holes into the ocean floor up in the North. Can you imagine the conviction? The courage these people have? That is what we have in the Jo's of the world. We have people that will live up to their convictions. We may not agree with methods or even their words, but you can't kill their convictions. That is something we all need to have, conviction. With conviction we can make things happen.

I may not agree with Jo calling others fake people or sell outs. I think her anger at other Indians is misplaced. After all people work in different ways for the same thing. I think she calls for the stopping of lateral violence but is guilty of that her self. I think it is out of frustration and anger. If I was to let the name calling of others get to me, I would be crying and angry all the time. But I know her frustration. I think we all do. I think we all want our voices heard.

I want the U.S. Canada and China to stop oil exploration in the Artic and in the Amazon. I also want Indians to get to understand the meaning of communal, to work and support each other, to shout to the heavens on the actions that Canada has taken. I want lot of things. The question is what am "I" going to do about it?

That is the thing isn't it? Do we have conviction? Just like PETA. I am not a fan of PETA. I support Fur as my Dad was a trapper and many Indigenous people still do Traditional harvesting.  I do think PETA are committed to their cause. I don't agree with their actions, but I can't deny their conviction. Green Peace, I admire their people but may not agree with every single thing they do.

So what do you think? Are you one of the Jo's out there? Willing to shout to the heavens? To earn some enmity, even some ridicule for your actions/words? For your commitment? 

So I feel for Jo and her frustration, her hurt when people don't listen. I share it and understand it. When people don't hear the sounds of the Earth dying. Being wounded. If we truly, if we truly believe that the Earth and all things are living then why in the Hell are we letting Her get beaten up, tortured every single day?  We look at the world and people are trying to develop ways to live on Mars. Mars for heavens sake? Why are we not looking at ways to live here, on Earth?  We know the affects of Global warming, the rate of forests being slaughtered, but yet we go on. And if you question it, you are told it is to create jobs?  What the fuck? Jobs? Its not about jobs! Its about corporate greed! Plain and simple. I mean how much profit does one need?  If it was truly about jobs and economy, they would come up with an equitable distribution of resources, wealth. Instead we have a few individuals having it all. Not caring about the consequences. That is why we need more Jo's in the world.

So I hear you babe.

 (oh by the way, I am being facetious when I say babe, it is a cheeky way to show how we try and undermine our women, our Life Givers and our Warriors with just one simple word).

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