Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3 Chiefs Walk Into A Bar

Three Chiefs walk into a bar;  one is a Wrecker, the other is a Maintenance worker and the last Chief is a Builder.

Its suppose to be a metaphor or simile or parable but not quite sure what it is. Its a story that represents Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Assembly of First Nations and the National Native Women's Association.

The first Chief , who just happens to be grand, says  "I am going to tear down this bar! It is killing our people. We are handcuffed to the chairs. We need to smash it to pieces. The bar owners are feeding on our misery. Look at them with their bar rags, serving poison to our people. I don't even drink." One of the patrons in the bar asks, "What will take its place?" The first Chief who is grand says "I don't know. I am going to wreck it. Not sure what comes next."

Wreck It Ralph
The second Chief, who is even grander says "I think this bar is okay. There could be some little bit of cleaning here and there but everyone gets served sooner or later. It always is creating some jobs. Just look at all those Indians cleaning up those tables over there. Look at those guys they are cleaning some of the urinals. So you see, this bar has its good points too. I do agree there is poison here but look its kind of comfortable here, everyone knows your name. I know the  Owners of the bar and they are not too bad. They let us have some of the peanuts from the bar and we can even stand by the bar once in a while."  A patron asks if there is going to be a better menu or  some increases in pay for the urinal cleaners.  The second Chief who is grander than all says "We'll see, I'll put in a good word with the owners."
Handy Manny

The third Chief who comes in towing a few kids and is presidential says "I am going to rebuild this bar and make it something different, something new, something where we are not scrubbing the urinals, where there is actually something  to build from. Something where our people can be the ones who are reaping the benefits for the kids here. I want to build something. Building of course means we have to clean up what is here; change it, re-focus the goals of the bar. Maybe even make it something different from just a bar. We do want our people to have work but we all so want them to have say in where the work is."  The patrons cheer, "when do you start?"  The third Chief who is quite presidential says "Oh let me see. I don't think the owners have seen me yet."

Bob the Builder

I don't drink and many of our people don't. Yet at some point we are sitting in the bar.

Good thing we have Wreck-it-Ralph, Hand Manny and Bob the Builder examining the bar.

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