Sunday, July 10, 2016

Awareness Walk for Missing Murdered Indigenous Women

You don't know the names of these two young boys - Kendal Wood and Darnel Wood.  Kendal is now 15 years old and Darnel is 13. This is there third year of Walking on Trans Canada Highway from the Ontario border to the Saskatchewan border.
Kendal & Darnel Wood

Kendal and his younger brother are from the Island Lake Treaty 5 territory. The boys take part in a other awareness activities like: Children Fighting to Keep Girls Safe, Children's March for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and other Vigils held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

"We are showing that we kids can do work like this too. We think about it. There are kids who understand and don't want to stand back but what can they do? Wee are showing that we are First Nations youth can stand up and make this everyone's cause to take on" says Kendal Wood.

So check out Kendal and Darnel's Facebook page. If you wish more information contact:
Denny Wood 1-204-615-1575 or Kendal Wood

Just think these guys were 10 and 12 when they started their annual walk. What in the heck were we doing at that age?

Trans Canada Highway

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