Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Slack Songs: How Did They Get Air?

Music is a part of our lives. As a kid I listened to lots of music; what my Dad liked, and what my older sibling liked and of course public radio. Out in the rural area there was no FM stations so AM was our staple. Today music is quite a different animal. Not only in the styles but in the many different ways in how it reaches us. Songs are used in movies and tv shows. There are 24 hours music channels on television and satellite radio stations and internet channels. So many choices for how we get our music. I don't go to the hotels so I don't get to hear local or traveling musical acts. My wife does take me to live acts which is always a treat. Except I was deeply disappointed in a few shows:  Steve Earle, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson. They were not on their best game. However I still am a fan of their tunes. Any how I was laying down relaxing and had the radio on, this song came on: "Your Daddy Don't Know What Your Momma Gonna Do Tonight''.  Holy heck what a piece of work. I mean how in the heck did this song get to be played on radio.  All I could think of to describe this tune is - Slack.
It got me thinking about how music is part of our lives, the good and the slack. So here is my list of Slack Songs.

- Your Daddy Don't Know by Canadian Band Toronto. Can't say anything else. Who would sing to their kid about fooling around on their Dad??? Slack. But maybe I am wrong and she is singing about sneaking off to Bingo. Lot of people have been known to do that.

- De Do Do Do De Da Da Da by the Police. What a title.  Don't get me wrong it could have been a song we could have lived with but De Do Do Do? Really Slack

- Didn't you kill me Brother  by Alexei Sayle. A catchy tune but crazy. I don't think this guy was a singer.

- TipToe Through the Tulips. Tiny Tim either this guys is genius or just out of this world.
-La Macaran by Los Del Rio.  Was there ever a crazier moment?
- Numa Numa - Now this one went crazy and made this guy famous. Its originally Roma
- Achy Breaky Heart - by Billy Ray Cyrus.  Admit it you were crazy for this song.

There is a catchy song on the radio by this kid Hailee Steinfield and it goes "I didn't know I was starving until I tasted you"??? Wow that's deep.

- I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.  Yeah I admit it. I liked this catchy tune. Sang it all the time walking around my living room shaking my little tush.

- Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter  This must have been a joke song but went wild and is still a staple on the hot beaches of the tropics.

Love Shack by the B-52's  I always wondered if this was a real group. Still this song gets lots of airplay.  You know this song don't you? Even though its slack you like the string guitar sound.

Groove is in the Heart  by Deee-Lite  I admit I still like this one.  I remember some VJ on Much music interviewing the singer of Deee-Lite. The VJ was just a witch. Trying to justify her actions as if she was some type of journalists exposing a story. funny. The VJ was accusing the band of using cheap tricks like the video.

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