Friday, April 27, 2018

Meth: Tackling the Monster

The CBC held an open forum in Osborne Village to speak on the Meth situation in Winnipeg. The Talk included front line people from Main Street Project in Winnipeg, the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, Parents of Meth addicted, a Meth Addict, the Chief of Police, various agencies, concerned and scared folks. At the event I noticed about five Indians. I always look for other Neechies. I know Meth is in our community and it is killing us. So it makes me sad, angry the Indigenous community did not show up to the forum.

Listening to the people speak about Meth and their views, involvement and their concerns, it is clear, Meth is a monster: a real live monster which will eventually kill. It devours everyone. We see it has no boundaries. The image you think of when you hear "Meth-head" can no longer be limited to the "dreads of society". Meth has become the nightmare for all folks. No one knows what to do about Meth users. The outlook is grim. The chance of getting free from Meth is around 17%.

It is clear from listening to the people in the forum that Meth is a monster: there are no treatment options available, the addict is not capable of making sound decisions, forced treatment is needed, fast entrance is needed, thinking beyond political motives needs to happen, empathy is needed.

Deth - Artist Jackie Traverse
The treatment programs are not suitable for Meth addiction. The programs have long waiting lists and admission requirements are barriers for addicts. The detox programs are difficult to get in and have short stay, 10 days. The hospital can't handle the intact of meth addictions. The police don't know where to take people high on Meth. So how to overcome these structural issues for Meth addiction? Family and front line addictions workers are calling for long term intervention. Families are crying out for help but have no real place to go. A group of Women have started a support group for parents of Meth addicts. It is newly formed and they hope to continue.

We need to use the existing resources to meet the crisis and it is a crisis. People are dying. Families are so afraid they would choose jail for their loved rather than have them free, just to get away from Meth.

Main Street Project is seeking to have a safe injection site and the provincial government has so far been afraid to help. While the government and its agencies continue to ignore the monster of Meth, people will continue to die. Parents will continue to seek help.

Native Addictions Council of Manitoba (Pritchard House) has a treatment program  and they have room for Meth users. The need for speedy access to treatment is needed everywhere. Treatment centers with spare room can be supportive of families, hospital, police and paramedics.

Its not a popular thought but I would gladly see forced entrance into the Military for young people. I think it would save lives. The development of discipline, routine and exercise could go a long way in helping prevent Meth use.
James Favel: Bear Clan Patrol 

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