Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating anniversary dates of death and birth

March 16, 2005 is the day my Mom passed away. She was diagnosed with Cancer February 12, 2005. I always thought it was the 14th but my brother told me he remembers the date due to some other circumstance. In any case its been five years. Wow, time is sure flying with that anniversary. The thing is I have no issues with my Mom's passing. If there was a good thing, was that she did not suffer long. She was strong willed to the end. She did not show weakness but only grace and concern for those around her. Yeah, she was amazing. I treated her good when she was alive and that makes for easier memories of me and her. Of course like anyone I could have done more or did things differently when she was here, but I don't let that cloud my good thoughts of our relationship. I was her favourite. :-0 I think my siblings would say the same thing.

We put her picture and a short note in a local Aboriginal paper for this Month. The paper owner was very good and he put it in the paper even though I was late with my submission for their edition. Some people are just nice like that. I kind of wonder about that, you know the memorial notes and pictures in papers. Why do we want to make a public show of it? Not sure. Is it we want the public to know we are thinking of our loved ones? Or is it for our own measure. You know we want to show ourselves that we care. So we have a concrete way or measurable way to show we are thinking of our loved one. Strange but I guess it is a good thing.

I think its good too if we just keep things private as well. After all only we know what is in our heart. So if we miss and celebrate our loved ones life by ourselves does it really matter if anyone else knows but us? Who knows. I like to remember that 'crazy old lady' in my own way. Sure it's nice to put up a picture and a note letting the world know about her, but its our own feelings and memories that ultimately count.

Speaking of celebrations, my brother had his birthday on March 15. I think, not sure but he might be 52. I guess I should phone him and wish him happy birthday. He is a good guy. I don't mind him.


  1. Kia ora Steve,
    My condolences on the anniversary of your mum's passing. You raise good points about the grieving process, especially respecting your own heart and memories. I reckon your brother would like that phone call as well.

  2. Things are good. We have good thought about our Mom and that is real good. I emailed my brother and haven't spoken to him yet. :-D

  3. Remembering good memories of loved ones makes us happy, and its good to expresse our love in the way we want...